2020 NBA Draft Predictions Picks 20-24

ICYMI, on Wednesday I posted my draft predictions for picks 25-30 here. This is my second iteration of predictions, this time highlighting picks 20-24. Without further ado let’s jump into it.

24.) Milwaukee Bucks (Via Indiana Pacers): Jalen Smith, Maryland, Forward, 6’10”, 225lbs

Smith, a sophomore forward out of Maryland, considered declaring for the draft after his freshman year but last minute decided against that. Looking back, it was for the better. Smith boosted his draft stock, scoring four more points per game, grabbing four more rebounds per game, and added over a block per game in his second season. He finished the year averaging 15 points per game, 10 rebounds per game, and over two blocks per game proving his worth down low as a true big man who can bang in the paint and play physical defense. No matter who they select here they aren’t going to replace Giannis whose time looks to be running out in Milwaukee, but Smith will be a good fill-in for Robin Lopez whose future with the team is unknown going into free agency.

23.) Utah Jazz: Josh Green, Arizona, Shooting Guard, 6’6″, 210lbs

The Jazz proved this year that they’re able to win with Donovan Mitchell and Ruby Gobert, but they need bench production. They need perimeter defense, and they need a guard that’s able to come in and replace Donovan Mitchell at the two when he replaces Mike Conley at the one in closeout situations. Green brings all of that. I expect Green to be a sleeper in this draft and come in and play the exact roles stated above.

22.) Denver Nuggets (Via Houston Rockets): Jaden McDaniels, Washington, Small Forward, 6’9″, 200lbs

McDaniels, listed as a small forward, can play either wing position and will bring versatility off the bench. McDaniels struggled in his lone year, negatively affecting his draft stock, which is why I believe he may slip to Denver at 22. He has one of the highest ceilings in this draft, however, and should he tap into that potential, the Nuggets will come away with a steal and a great piece to add to an already young and talented roster.

21.) Philadelphia 76ers (Via Oklahoma City Thunder): Tyrell Terry, Stanford, Guard, 6’3″, 170lbs

Terry is another great fit, high ceiling prospect. He has the ability to split time at the point guard position with Simmons and even though he has a small frame, Philly’s length and height at every other position will make up for that. Add all of this to the fact that he has a flame thrower – shooting 40% from behind the arc, I see this being a very good pick for the Sixers.

20.) Miami Heat: Patrick Williams, Florida State, Forward, 6’8″, 225lbs

The Heat need a rebounding, rim-protecting big man to help share the load down low with Bam. Throughout their whole Cinderella run throughout the playoffs, Adebayo was the Heat’s only real threat on the offensive and defensive glass. The Heat are frontcourt heavy and with the simple addition of help on the block with Bam, may be able to get over the hump. Williams looks to bring that help, as he is a physical defender and a good rebounder, averaging over three offensive boards per game, a lost art in today’s NBA. Williams should come in and take some pressure off Bam on the defensive end, allowing him to put more effort into scoring, opening the Heat’s offense up vastly and spreading the floor.

Tune back in on Tuesday, November 2nd for picks 15-19.