5 NFL Teams That Should Blow It Up This Offseason

We are now entering week 11 of the NFL, and by now, we have a pretty good idea of who is going to make the playoffs and who is going to be near the top of the draft. While there are plenty of bad teams, some teams have been right on the edge of being bad and are now finally being exposed for everything. We have already seen the firing of two head coaches, and there could be plenty more that come after them. Today, we will break down 5 NFL teams that should blow it up this offseason and have a completely fresh start.

The Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons sit at 3-6 record and third place in the NFC South. Some would argue that they should have about 2-3 more wins this year after having the typical fourth-quarter collapses that they usually have. They already fired head coach Dan Quinn, which was well overdue in my opinion. Since then, there have been talks and rumors of the team moving on from QB Matt Ryan as well. Julio Jones is a very gifted and talented wide receiver, but he seems to be hurt all of the time, and with a young and fresh Calvin Ridley available, they may just be moving on from Jones as well.

There is certainly a great trade market out there for him as well. The defense is still young but still needs a complete overhaul in the draft as well. It’s crazy to think that this team was up 28-3 in the Super Bowl around 3 years ago; now, they are heading into a pretty obvious rebuild.

The Houston Texans

The Texans are pretty much the Falcons of the AFC. They recently fired head coach and GM Bill O’Brien. It was long overdue due to first-round after the first-round exit, despite the talent they had on this team, specifically on the defensive side of the ball. They drafted a young star QB in Watson who seems to be doing all he can to keep this team afloat, but he can only do so much.

After the horrible decision of trading Deandre Hopkins to the Cardinals this past offseason, the fan base and the players expressed their unhappiness with the direction of the team, which is why Bill O’Brien was eventually let go. Sitting at a 2-7 record, they should be looking to draft all offensive lineman this coming year along with all-new defensive pieces, similar to the Dallas Cowboys. They need to make sure they stay on top of this, especially with the questionable future of star JJ Watt.

The New York Jets

Is it possible to be in rebuild mode but also have to start over while rebuilding? There’s not a lot of words left to describe how bad the Jets are. We know that they are going to draft Trevor Lawrence when they (inevitably) obtain the #1 draft pick. This also means that they are going to have to cut ties with Sam Darold either in a trade or just releasing him.

While they do have some promising skill position players on both sides of the ball, the team culture, in general, needs a complete overhaul. It is pretty much a guarantee at this point that they are going to move on from head coach Adam Gase, but that may just be the start of changes they make. It will take a lot more to be competitive again, especially with the rise of the Bills and Dolphins and the coaching edge the Patriots will always have.

The Los Angeles Chargers

While they certainly have the QB of the future in Justin Herbert, everything else needs a fresh restart, starting with the head coaching position. They have by far the most losses coming from the last possession of the game, and in my opinion, that is more of a coaching problem than a player/talent problem. While the secondary was drilled with plenty of injuries before the season even started, they need to draft in that position to make sure they can have people who are healthy and starting consistently. They also need to draft some pieces to put around Herbert because he clearly looks like a special and generational talent.

If they can make the right decisions drafting and coaching wise in the next 2-3 years, they may be able to become contenders just because of the rare talent Herbert brings to the table. It will be very important to do this, especially being in the same division with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

The Detroit Lions

Finally, something that all of these teams have in common is that the head coaching job will more than likely be changed next season if they aren’t already. The Lions are a perfect example of this. Believe it or not, the fans in Detroit have high expectations for this team and while QB Matt Stafford has given his all for this franchise, it may be time to go after a young, promising QB in the draft.

To compete, especially in the division they are in, the players and the coaching staff have to be on the same page, and this is far from the case in Detroit. Ever since Matt Patrica arrived, we have heard players come out and express unhappiness or problems. Despite whose fault this may be, the coach will always be on the wrong end of this; therefore, he will more than likely be fired this offseason.

These teams and a few more are slowly entering the process of a rebuild mode. There are about six weeks left in the season until these teams most likely start unloading talent and cap space to draft promising players high in the first round and bring in new free agents. The front offices will be key in these situations, along with the QB, who only the Chargers have at the moment. It will be very interesting to see where these teams go from here.