Aaron Rodgers Not Expected To Show For Mandatory Mini Camp

Aaron Rodgers Not Expected To Show For Mandatory Mini Camp

In an unsurprising development, it is being reported that Aaron Rodgers is not expected to show up in Green Bay on Tuesday, June 8, for the start of mandatory minicamp. This is the latest development in a months-long saga that began on the first night of the NFL Draft, in which ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke a report that Rodgers’ had said he wanted out of Green Bay. Now, Schefter confirmed that Rodgers will likely not be present for mandatory camp:

What Packers’ Fans Know Now

In the months that followed after the Schefter report, there has been a firestorm of rumors and gossip surrounding the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Many reporters stated that Rodgers wanted general manager Brian Gutekunst fired; however, many people, including his former teammates, have said Rodgers is not out to get “Gute” fired. Among these former teammates was AJ Hawk, who spent the weekend of the Kentucky Derby with Rodgers. From that excursion, Hawk expressed hope that the Packers and Rodgers would be able to come to some kind of understanding.

Additionally, Aaron Rodgers himself stated in an interview with Kenny Mayne, that the source of friction between himself and the Packers’ front office is philosophical. He stated how much he loved his teammates, the coaching staff, the fans, and the city, but said that the front office had forgotten to think about the people who make an organization go. For some, this hearkens to the Packers moving on from players like Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and TJ Lang.

New News On Monday

This morning, NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport appeared on a Locked On Podcast, specifically to address the Aaron Rodgers situation. In his interview, Rapaport reported several new, key pieces of information regarding the Packers and their star quarterback.

First, Aaron Rodgers never requested a trade from the Green Bay Packers. Any reports that said otherwise were either made up or based on hearsay. This backs up the confession Adam Schefter made on the Dan Patrick Show that there was no source (like he had claimed) for his report about Aaron Rodgers.

Second, the Packers wanted to restructure Rodgers’ deal. Rodgers, on the other hand, wants an entirely new deal. Rodgers likely will not show up to any team activities until the situation is solved. The Packers could fine him for missing mandatory activities, but reports are that the team will not fine him.

Third, the situation is a huge reason why the Packers were not players in free agency. The salary cap played a part in that as well, but the team needs to have their finances in order before bringing any bigger-name players aboard.

Finally, the team has not extended Davante Adams yet as a result of the standoff. Adams is a free agent after the season, as are the rest of the Packers’ wide receivers. Earlier this offseason, Adams confirmed that whether or not Rodgers is on the team will play a role in his decision to re-sign.


Much of what was reported as true throughout this offseason was not. The Packers and Aaron Rodgers are not in agreement, but the situation is not as dire as it was made out to be. The team’s top five wide receivers, who skipped OTA’s, are all in Green Bay or expected to be there on Tuesday. It’s business as usual in Green Bay.

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