Aaron Rodgers To The Las Vegas Raiders In 2022

Aaron Rodgers To The Las Vegas Raiders In 2022

The Aaron Rodgers saga has certainly been one of the most interesting follows of the offseason. As of right, he is going to be back with the Green Bay Packers for the 2021 season. There are reports though that this is his last year as a Packer. So, who makes sense for 2022? I say the Las Vegas Raiders.

There is a lot to unravel when it comes to the relationship that Aaron Rodgers has with the General Manager Brian Gutekunst and the Packers front office. To say it is a fractured one seems to be a drastic understatement. It has gone so far that Rodgers threatened to sit out all of 2021 or retire if he wasn’t traded. Well, he wasn’t traded and he is reporting to Packers camp on time. However, it seems like this is for the last time.

Him reporting on time apparently came with some contingencies. The full details of these are yet to still come out.

It has also been reported that he wants to reunite with former teammate, wide receiver Randall Cobb.

It is bizarre that the Packers would set up a Rodgers departure next year without getting anything in return. They had a chance to maximize their return this year and set their team up for the future. Not doing so is an extremely inefficient way to run an organization. One of the best aspects of team building is knowing when to walk away to maximize your return or minimize your losses.

The Las Vegas Raiders make a lot of sense as a landing spot for Rodgers in 2022.

Since Jon Gruden was hired as head coach of the Raiders, there have been reports they have tried to move on from Derek Carr with no success. Carr has put up good numbers as a Raider. There hasn’t been much winning, however.

There is a solid group of skilled players currently on the Raiders roster.

The Raiders were heavily invested in wide receiver in the 2020 draft. They drafted both Henry Ruggs and Bryan Edwards. Both must take a step forward in their second year but have a ton of upside. Hunter Renfrow and Jon Brown have shown to be productive NFL wide receivers and solid veterans.

That is not to mention tight end, Darren Waller. Waller is one of the most talented tight ends in the entire NFL. Arguably, he would be as talented a player as Rodgers has ever had to throw to, outside of Davante Adams.

Speaking of Davante Adams, he is going to be a free agent after this year. The Raiders should also sign him next year as a way to persuade Rodgers.

Las Vegas is also a good destination for Rodgers because his fiancé Shailene Woodley is an actress who spends a lot of her time in Los Angeles. LA is barely over an hour-long flight. This would allow them to spend much more time together if they so chose.

Rodgers has talked about wanting to play well into his 40s. Gruden has had success with older QBs in his coaching career. Rich Gannon threw for 4,689 yards in his 15th year in the NFL under Gruden.

The Packers letting Rodgers walk without getting anything in return might not make sense, but Rodgers ending up in Vegas in 2022 certainly does.

To find out what kind of fantasy impact Rodgers will have with the Packers check out The Ballin’ Over Beers show on YouTube.

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