Aaron Rodgers Wants Out Of Green Bay; Who Needs An MVP QB?

Is there any team looking for a 3x NFL MVP to play quarterback?

Aaron. Oh, Aaron. Where are you demanding to be traded to? 

The question Aaron Carter already spoke into existence fits into the biggest story of the 2021 offseason. Aaron Rodgers wants to be traded out of Green Bay after his relationship with the front office has been damaged to no return. Honestly, they did it to themselves. 

Throughout the past few seasons in the NFL, the Packers lacking interest in signing a top WR for their golden boy should have been a warning to football fans everywhere. Not every team can sign an elite WR; the NFL draft becomes the place for elite WRs but at a cost. 

Did the Packers use this as a tool?

Of course not. They drafted Rodgers’ replacement. In an NFL draft loaded with elite WR talent, the Packers WAR room decided to snag their future face of the franchise. 

Well done. 

This paired with the wrong call of kicking a field goal nailed the relationship in the coffin. Aaron Rodgers has been shunned by Green Bay. Jordan receives their Love. 

What are his options, Pitts?

Great question, potential fan. 

Aaron Rodgers has more say in his future than people realize. Rodgers won the NFL MVP in 2020. He is at the top of his game but could retire and travel down other paths.

He hosted Jeopardy for a week after the passing of the late Alex Trebeck. He has starred in commercials, hinting that bigger roles may be approaching. Oh, and he is getting married. 

He’s got a lot on his plate. 

Now, if he wants to play football, but refuses to play, the Packers may have to call his bluff. With that scenario officially on the table, let us dive into the possible destinations for Aaron Rodgers in 2021. 

*Honorable Mention*

Green Bay Packers

I have to put this on here. I wish he plays somewhere else, but this is the most likely outcome. However, they need to do something they have never done. 

The Packers need to trade for Julio Jones. It is that simple. 

I have stated this before. Julio Jones being traded to Green Bay is a win-win-win scenario for everyone. The Falcons receive compensation for a future rebuild. The Packers satisfy Rodgers by equipping him with another toy to pair with Devante Adams. Fantasy Football managers may end up having the greatest QB-WR duo since Brady & Moss in 2007. 

Wow. That situation makes me want to end the blog right now. It makes too much sense. But a rowdy man once told me, “Just when you have the answer, I change the question.”

New England Patriots

This is a football fanatic’s dream. Maybe just a New England one. 

Aaron Rodgers being shipped to New England for the price of Cam Newton, a 2022 second & seventh, a 2023 second, and N’Keal Harry. 

Not too bad, right?

Newton becomes a mentor to Jordan Love as the two share a similar play style. Newton steps into a system he is welcomed into transforming into the MVP QB he once was. 

N’Keal Harry has an opportunity to learn from the best wide receiver in the NFL and evolve into becoming one himself. The draft compensation could lead to building a team around Jordan Love when the time is right. 

Oh, and the Patriots obtain ANOTHER former MVP QB. Rodgers becomes a mentor to Mac Jones for a season or two and in the process, the Patriots win another Super Bowl or two. Oh, and Tom Brady returns to Gillette Stadium in Week 4 to face his former kingdom with a now new king. The story writes itself. 

Washington Football Team

The Football Team needs some Fitzmagic to bring Rodgers to the nation’s capital. 

Washington has enough draft capital to send away a second-round pick or two along with future third or fourth-round picks. Adding a player or two would not hurt the deal either. 

Rodgers running the offense in Washington brings a lot of hope to a franchise that was on the brink of new ownership a few seasons prior. The newest addition of Curtis Samuel lining up alongside former teammate Terry McLaurin gives Rodgers the weapons he desired in Green Bay. 

This is a trade situation that makes sense for both sides. 

Minnesota Vikings


This would be Packers fans’ worst nightmare. Not one, but two franchise QBs not finishing their careers at Lambeau, but hopping over to a division rival for one more shot at a Lombardi. The one thing that has alluded to the Vikings throughout their existence. 

The Vikings told the media that they almost traded up to draft Justin Fields if the Bears did not pull the trigger. They see an expiration date on Kirk Cousins; so do I. 

Minnesota needs to win a Super Bowl. They finally have enough talent on the offensive end to give Rodgers toys to play with. It would be even more jaw-dropping for him to win a Super Bowl with the Vikings, especially since Favre cost them one. 

Aaron Rodgers has given sports fans a lot to discuss at the virtual watercooler. His disdain for the Packers captivates the attention of the media to the point where the headlines push one side to make a move. Aaron Rodgers is not budging. 

The Packers need to make a move. They need to make it fast.