Aaron Rodgers Will Be The Packers QB For The Near Future

Following the Packers’ devastating loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Title game, Aaron Rodgers made some remarks that caused a stir on social media. To paraphrase, he said that the futures of many players were uncertain, including his own.

Social Media (and some Media) Went Crazy

When his comments were aired, many felt that this was an indication that the soon-to-be three-time MVP wanted out of Green Bay. After all, the Packers drafted Jordan Love in the first round of last year’s draft. Clearly, the pieces were not there to get Rodgers that coveted second ring.

Article upon article, post by post, fans and media speculated about where Aaron Rodgers would play next year. San Francisco, Indianapolis, New Orleans, and even Chicago were listed as possible trade destinations. Some even speculated that Rodgers may retire.

The Speculation Was Wrong

The idea of Aaron Rodgers not being in a Packers’ uniform next year is next-to-impossible. For one thing, Aaron Rodgers’ salary cap hit is so extreme, that should the Packers trade him, they would still have a $31 million cap hit. On the business end of things, it would be absolute stupidity to trade away Aaron Rodgers.

Another reason why the media and fans running with this speculation is just silly is because it is no different than anything that Rodgers said before. After the Packers drafted Jordan Love, Rodgers said that it was obvious the future was no longer in his hands. His comments on Sunday were no different. No one’s future is certain.

The front office of the Packers addressed the situation as well. To paraphrase what they said, “We’re not idiots. We’re not trading Aaron Rodgers.”

The Man Himself Speaks

Every Tuesday, Aaron Rodgers appears on the Pat McAfee Show. He appeared today and addressed the comments. Basically, he said that the media was just writing articles for “clicks.” His exact words, “I see no reason why I wouldn’t be back next year.” He then went on to thank Pat for having him on every week. He said it gave him the chance to silence the “douchebags” in the media who think they can speak for him.

Do not worry Packers’ fans. He’s staying put.

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