Aaron Rodgers Will Be The Packers Quarterback Beyond 2021

One of the major stories of the Packers’ offseason so far has been the contract of Aaron Rodgers. Last offseason, the team drafted Jordan Love in the first round. This move sent waves through the Packers’ fanbase and through the mind of their star quarterback. Afterwards, he said that for the first time, he realized that the future is not in his hands. Even though he wants to be the Packers’ quarterback for his entire career, he acknowledged that it may not happen. This offseason, too, it has been speculated that Rodgers wants the Packers to offer him some kind of security. His cap hit will increase following the season, and he does not want to be a lame-duck quarterback.

The Packers, though, have not done anything with his contract, which has drawn a great deal of criticism for their fans. For one thing, restructuring his deal would free up more room to sign more free agents. In addition, Aaron Rodgers just won the MVP Award. Why not guarantee him more years?

In any case, there is no real indication that the Packers plan to move on from Aaron Rodgers after 2021. Everything that is out there that says otherwise is pure speculation. Aaron Rodgers will be the Packers the quarterback beyond this upcoming season, and here is why.

Reason #1- Aaron Rodgers Is The Reigning MVP

Prior to 2020, Aaron Rodgers had some a couple of seasons that were below his standards. In 2017, me missed most of the season with a broken collar bone. In 2018, he had 4,442 passing yards, but just 25 touchdowns. He did, though, only throw two interceptions and made the Pro Bowl. In 2019, he had 4,002 passing yards, but just 26 touchdowns. His interception count went up to a whopping four, and he made the Pro Bowl. In both seasons, he led the NFL in touchdown-interception ratio. As Aaron Rodgers stated on the Pat McAfee Show, “Down years for me are career years for most other quarterbacks.”

Last season, his second under Matt LaFleuar, Rodgers had arguably his best season ever. He had 4,299 yards passing, 48 touchdowns, and just five interceptions. He led the NFL in completion percentage with 70.7%, which was his career high. In addition, he led the NFL in touchdowns, touchdown-interception ratio, touchdown percentage, quarterback rating, and QBR.

Simply put, Rodgers still has a lot left in the tank. As high as the Packers might be on Jordan Love, there is no way any team would push an MVP out the door when they have a chance to win a Super Bowl. If the Packers were awful and rebuilding, it would be a possibility. As it stands, though, the Packers would certainly take a step back with Jordan Love under center instead of Aaron Rodgers. That is something they are not willing to do.

Reason #2- Jordan Love Still Needs To Develop

The Packers did trade up to take Jordan Love in the draft knowing full well that he would not be ready for several years. During this offseason, he has shown that his arm action has improved tremendously. However, there is still a great deal of work that he needs to do. He will have an increased role this season as the team’s backup quarterback. Tim Boyle signed with the Detroit Lions in free agency, so Love may see the field in garbage time.

What many seem to forget is that Aaron Rodgers himself sat for three seasons behind Brett Favre. When the team made the decision to move on from Favre, the team was clearly heading towards a rebuild. As mentioned previously, the Packers are nowhere near that juncture. Jordan Love is under club control for the foreseeable future and learning from the best of the best can only help him.

Reason #3- The Super Bowl Window Is Not Closed With Aaron Rodgers

As mentioned a few times previously, the Packers are not close to rebuild mode. The team is coming off of its second straight appearance in the NFC Championship game. The team has been able to retain most of their core players who contributed to their success and are looking to run it back next season and beyond.

Aaron Jones is back on a multi-year deal, David Bakhtiari has been extended, Kenny Clark has been extended, and Davante Adams will undoubtedly be extended this season. In addition, the Packers have arguably the best cornerback in the game in Jaire Alexander. Simply put, the Packers have a great young team and a MVP-caliber quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. Any other franchise would sell their soul to be in the position the Packers are in, and the Packers know this.

Aaron Rodgers will be back in 2021, and he will remain for the foreseeable future. After all, he has three seasons left on his current deal. While his cap hit goes up in 2022, it goes back down again in 2023. The Packers will find a way to make the money work, and Aaron Rodgers will be a career-Packer.


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