AD Resigns With The Lakers; When Will Giannis Resign With The Bucks?

The news broke this morning that Anthony Davis has reached an agreement to resign with the Lakers. The deal is for five years for around $190 million. This is huge for the Lakers considering how good an offseason the team had as a whole. They also just got LeBron to sign a two year $85 million extension, which ties him down to about 2023. AD took longer than most expected to sign his deal, but there was very little doubt that he would end up back in Los Angeles. As of now, almost every single notable star is locked in and signed to whatever team they are playing for, for a long period of time.

However, the one signing that we remain waiting on is Giannis. The Bucks had yet another postseason disappointment this year after being eliminated in five games to the eventual Eastern Conference Champions: the Miami Heat. The year before they were up 2-0 on the Toronto Raptors and ended up losing four straight games in the conference finals. It’s become pretty clear that he’s getting impatient and wants to win as soon as possible; I mean, who doesn’t. This winter was supposed to be when he signs that huge extension with the Bucks, but it simply didn’t happen. This makes things even more interesting going forward.

The Bucks tried very hard this offseason to do everything they could to convince Giannis that they are moving in the right direction. They traded for Jrue Holiday, who is a great complimentary piece for Giannis and actually someone he could play well next to; however, after looking like otherwise, they failed to acquire Bogdan Bogdanovic from the Kings in what was looking like another excellent move. There are rumors out there that Giannis was not happy about this, and it could have a long-term effect on his decision. He will most likely play out the year on this contract and then become a free agent next summer, which is in all honesty, the Bucks’ biggest nightmare. Obviously, there will be plenty of other options for Giannis to consider.

The teams that have been heavily linked with Giannis are mostly Eastern Conference rival teams like the Heat and the Raptors, which again is a terrifying sight for Bucks fans. The Heat seems more and more likely to be the favorite to land Giannis if this year goes how the past two years have gone. It’s safe to say that if the Bucks don’t at the very least, make the NBA Finals, it will most likely be the end of the Giannis era for them, which puts them arguably under the most pressure out of any team to win a title this year. Miami has always been a hot landing spot for NBA free agents, and playing alongside Jimmy Butler and company may be too much for Giannis to turn down.

AD and Giannis were the two players to watch for this offseason and clearly, both of them have no problem taking their time to make these types of decisions. From now on, all eyes will be on Giannis to see how the Bucks play this year in a very deep, improved Eastern Conference. This may be the last year we see Giannis in green, and the league will take a significant turn despite where he chooses to sign.