AFC South Fan Battle Podcast-2021 Draft Recap

AFC South Fan Battle Podcast-2021 Draft Recap

In this episode, we talk about the Aaron Rodgers drama and then we break down the AFC South drafts and give them grades.  Believe it or not, the consensus was that all teams were roughly in the same general area. We’ve had a lot of great discussions about every team. Trevor Lawrence was a home run pick, on the other hand, the Travis Etienne pick was up for debate. The team also debated if a corner who had two back surgeries was worth a first-round pick. 

If we graded on just the first round, the Colts would get an A+, however, that wasn’t the case. The Colts went on to make some questionable picks including a player who might not play this season. What did we end upgrading their draft? Listen and find out.

Then on to the Texans; their draft was a bit different since they didn’t have a first or second-round pick. They went on to add to a currently crowded quarterback room with their third-round pick. The team debates if they did well enough with what they had. We finish off by talking about some of the best drafts in the whole NFL. Tune in here. 

Dylan Cieslik

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