AFC South Fan Battle Podcast – Featuring Rashad Jennings

This episode of the AFC South Fan Battle Podcast may have been our best episode yet! It was all due to our special guest Former NFL Runningback Rashad Jennings. The interview went deeper than football, he philosophically talked to us on how to have a different view of life. The man is a humble genius and an amazing person.

Jennings showed us why he didn’t just win games on the football field but also won in life. He moved on to life after football and became a Champion, winning Dancing With The Stars. As well as writing multiple books, one of which, “Arcade and the Triple T Token” which is a part of his “The Coin Slot Chronicles” is aimed towards children and Jennings eloquently working his way to get children wanting to read more and more. As if that wasn’t enough, Rashad Jennings also has his foundation, which is set to educate, inspire, and encourage youth everywhere through three main initiatives: The Reading Challenge, Mentorship, and Camp 180.

On to the football side of things, Jennings answered questions from the commentators on the podcast. The team got questions answered such as, what the cultures were like on the Jaguars, Raiders, and Giants? And what it was like facing his former teams? Also, he gave us some ideas on what it was like playing under each of the head coaches he had the honor of playing for.

This podcast episode wasn’t just about football but it was about getting life lessons, and philosophical insights from our humble special guest, a true champion of life. Listening to this episode is a must!