AFC South Fan Battle Podcast-Special Guest and Draft Predictions

This week on the AFC South Fan Battle Podcast there was a special guest, and no I don’t mean Jonathan Haueter even though he thinks he’s always a special guest. The special guest was actually a reporter from The Athletic, Grace Raynor. She graced us (pun intended) with her expertise on Clemson, more specifically Trevor Lawrence, and she even talks a little about Deshaun Watson. Grace also talks about her article regarding the gifts Jaguar fans sent Trevor Lawrence, this includes one of our own. After the break, the team dropped some mock drafts for each of their teams. Of course the Jags take Lawrence but who is their second pick in the first round? The Colts are always trading down, do they do it again in the mock? How about the Titans, do they draft for need or best player available? And the Texans…. well no need to worry about them they don’t have picks in the first round or second… Or do they!?! If you want to hear the inside scoop from Grace Raynor or want an answer to the questions above, tune in here. Available on all platforms.