All-Star Salvy: Where Does He Rank Amongst Other Royals All-Stars?

All-Star Salvy: Where Does He Rank Amongst Other Royals All-Stars?

Salvador Perez is an All-Star once again as he was voted the starting catcher for the American League on July 2nd. This is Salvy’s seventh selection in his career and his sixth start as an All-Star. This season, Salvy is having one of his best yet on both sides of the ball. With Salvy’s seventh selection, he now sits at second all-time behind only the great George Brett (13 selections). So with all of these stats proving Salvy is worthy, where does Salvy rank amongst the other Royals All-Star greats? Let’s check it out.

In order to cut down on this list, the ranking only includes Royals who have been selected to no less than three All-Star games. The ranking is also cut down to the top five because there is a clear-cut top five, you’ll see.

Honorable Mentions

Frank White: Five All-Star selections

Cookie Rojas: Four All-Star selections

Hal McRae: Four All-Star selections

5.) Alex Gordon: Three All-Star selections (2013,’14 and ’15)

The name Alex Gordon makes Royals fans’ ears perk up every time they hear it. Gordon is one of the most beloved Royals of all time. In his career, Gordon is sixth all-time in hits and RBI’s, fourth in homers, and his defense was a thing of beauty. When a player has a section of outfield seats named after them, I would say they solidify their name here. Gordon brought leadership and poise to the team that is hard to replicate. Gordon was the key piece to the two World Series runs and eventually the World Series title back in 2015.

Alex Gordon is one of the best in Royals history and while he only saw three All-Star games, his career overall lands him here. As one of the best outfielders in Royals history, Gordon starting off the list is a good thing.

4.) Amos Otis: Five All-Star selections (1970,’71,’72,’73 and ’76)

While Otis is one of the more classic Royals names compared to most, Otis is still on this list for a reason. Otis is yet another Royals outfielder who played well beyond the normal limits of his position. Otis currently sits third all-time in homers, RBI’s, and hits. Amos was known for his combination of speed and power, and he also has three gold gloves to his name.

Amos Otis is one of the best Royals of all all-time, even if he never saw an all-star game. With his combination of batting and outfield skills, Otis is the real deal. Number four on this list is reserved for him.

3.) Mike Sweeney: Five All-Star selections (2000,’01,’02,’03 and ’05)

Mike Sweeney, I believe, is the best first basemen in Royals history. Sweeney currently sits second all-time in homers, fifth in RBI’s, and seventh in hits. In the early 2000s, Sweeney is the definition of “power bat” for the Royals. Sweeney hit .300 or higher an amazing five times in his career. Unfortunately for Sweeney, he was a part of some truly horrible Royals teams, so his legacy is clouded a bit. However, that should not take away from the fact that Mike Sweeney is arguably the best first baseman in Royals history and is a top-five Royal of all time.

Mike Sweeney brought a spark to a fire that was never lit in KC back then. Any player who produces at his level while on a losing team, is the real deal.

2.) Salvador Perez: Seven All-Star selections (2013,’14,’15,’16,’17,’18 and ’21)

While some Royals fans might not agree with Salvy being this high on the list, his seven All-Star selections have to stand out. Salvy is hands down the best Royals catcher in team history and will be for a long time. Salvy has shown he is a menace on defense and at the plate. From his incredible ability and speed to throw out base runners to his walk-off heroics, it is all worthy of recognition.

Salvy has been the centerpiece of the Royals franchise for the last eight years and rightfully so. Salvy was a huge piece in the Royals World Series runs and has been nothing short of amazing every season. Perez is the current active leader in starts in the All-Star game with six and will look to put on a show in this season’s mid-season classic.

1.) George Brett: 13 All-Star selections (1976-1988)

George Brett is the greatest Kansas City Royal of all time, and it is not even close. Brett is the all-time leader in nearly every category in the books for the Royals. Not to mention, Brett is the current all-time leader for All-Star selections with 13. The best part about that stat is that Brett was selected for 13 consecutive All-Star games so, in his 21 years in the MLB, 13 of them were All-Star years. George Brett’s career in KC might never be touched, but he has set a high standard for what it means to be an All-Star/All-Time third baseman.

No other Royal deserves this number one spot, and unless Salvy manages to match Bretts 13 selections, George will remain the best.

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