Andrew Whitworth Is A Hero, Partnering With Dream Corps For Educational Equality

Andrew Whitworth Is A Hero, Partnering With Dream Corps For Educational Equality

Andrew Whitworth: A community hero

Athletes have gone from entertaining to serving their communities. We have grown accustomed to them inspiring the next generation of athletes. However, we have forgotten that is not the only way to inspire their fans.

Professional sports organizations implement rules in players’ contracts about how they must serve the fans who support them week after week. The fans gave them the chance to live out the greatest job in the world; the least they could do is say thanks.

It is always great making headlines for scoring the game-winning touchdown. However, it’s an honor when one makes the headlines for being a hero; a certain Los Angeles football player decided to inspire change.

Andrew Whitworth, Los Angeles Rams Tackle, announced Tuesday that he and his family have partnered with Dream Corps to bring educational equality to the Los Angeles area. The Whitworths want to level the playing field for educational equality.  

“It’s really important for NFL athletes, the NFL as a whole to be involved,” Whitworth said in a video posted via the NFL’s Twitter account. “We have the power to do it and we know what exists out there.”

Whitworth describes how each NFL player has come from a variety of different backgrounds, emphasizing how important it is to give back for future generations to prosper. 

Whitworth, as well as the NFL, believe in the importance of education and how it opens doors unknown beforehand. Their partnership with Dream Corps emphasizes the NFL’s focus on this injustice. 

Dream Corps Tech is an organization, advocating for social justice and equality for humanity. Kasheef Wyzard, the national programming initiatives director at Dream Corps, described their mission, “To close prison doors and open doors of opportunity.” 

“We need exposure in order to dream. (We need) Access in order to build,” Wyzard goes on to inform. “We need space along the way to fail. We need affirmation to believe.” 

In 2019, the high school dropout rate stood at 5.1%, according to Statista, which has decreased from nearly 10% in 2006. Organizations such as Dream Corps have been an influential, critical role in the dropout decline. They exist to give opportunities to those who are not given a fair shot. 

Seeing players such as Andrew Whitworth being recognized for acts like this gives me hope for the future of the league. Players understand how important it is to be a role model to these young fans. If they are involved, it will start a domino effect for future generations. 

Many may have lost hope after the dreadful 2020. Stories like this remind us to have faith. 

Always have faith.

Pat Pitts

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