Are Super-Teams Killing The NBA?

Are Super-Teams Killing The NBA?

I have always been curious about what the exact definition of an NBA superteam is. Does that mean teams with multiple superstars? Does that mean teams who win multiple titles in a short span? Either definition works here. But are superteams healthy for the NBA? Let’s check it out.

No, superteams are here to stay

The reality is that superteams are here to stay in the NBA, and the “superteam era” is going to last a while. From the 2015 Warriors to the 2021 Lakers, the superteam dynamic is a part of the game. A superteam, to me, is a team that has two or three “high profile” players on their roster. The Lakers are the most recent edition of a superteam after they acquired Russell Westbrook to join LeBron James and Anthony Davis. LeBron has been in this situation before when he joined Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

The whole idea of players “recruiting” other superstars is a very real thing. The NBA calls this “tampering” if it happens. However, I think of it as another version of the all-star game. Seeing guys like LeBron and KD square off in the finals is good TV and you can’t convince me otherwise. Especially now that Westbrook has joined the Lakers, a Lakers vs Nets Finals would sell. Even if people hate superteams winning, the NBA’s ratings would be incredible for that finals matchup.

More support for superteams

Some might not agree with this, but I view the Lakers loading up as the same thing as Chicago going out and picking up Dennis Rodman to support MJ and Pippen. The ultimate goal was for the Bulls to win right? The same thing goes for these superteams, they want to win more. Usually, a superteam develops after a loss in the playoffs and one or two extra pieces propel a team to a win. That is all too true in today’s NBA as much as the NBA of old.

Call me crazy, but the superteam narrative has been around much longer than people think. When you go to criticize LeBron for bringing in another superstar to try and win a title, think about how the same thing has happened many times before the modern NBA. Do not discredit superteams when you could be enjoying them considering the fact that superstars like LeBron and others aren’t going to be around forever.

Final Thoughts

While the idea of only seeing LeBron superteams play Kevin Durant superteams might sound boring at some point, it should be admired. Appreciate the collection of talent that two teams have, and watch the battle of the greats take place. While you might think having two “new” teams in the Finals is better, I’ll remind you that the 2021 Finals between the Bucks and Suns had lower ratings than expected. As I said earlier, I fully believe that superteams matching up would be great for the NBA overall. If the NBA can find a way to accept the superteam narrative but still not allow too ridiculous of moves, let it happen. The league will not suffer as some people believe.

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