Are The Golden State Warriors Back?

Are The Golden State Warriors Back?

The all-famous Golden State Warriors entered the offseason with a big goal in mind, extend Stephen Curry. As of August 3rd, Curry will be a Warrior through the 2025-26 season and is due to make $59.6 million in his final year.

Curry’s new deal is for four years, $215 million. However, Curry will extend his contract of his $45.8 million salary for 2021-22. This means he’s now guaranteed $261 million over the next five seasons. This makes Curry the first player in history to sign two $200 million-plus contracts.

So with Curry signed long-term, again… Where does this put Golden State on the NBA totem pole? The Warriors are getting Klay Thompson and James Wiseman back from injury and added depth in Otto Porter and Nemanja Bjelica.

Then to add on, they drafted well in the lottery getting Jonathan Kuminga at number seven and Moses Moody at number 14. So far, all the pieces seem to be adding back up for the Warriors to make another run, right? Let’s check it out.

Yes, Golden State Is Ready

The way I see it, the Warriors were missing one player in particular more than any other. Klay Thompson has a much bigger role than most give him credit for. If Klay Thompson is healthy, the Warriors are a different team. It is a rare occurrence for a team to have two players that are elite from just about anywhere on the court.

Aside from the Warriors having two elite shooters in Curry and Thompson, they have solid bench depth. As I mentioned earlier, they picked up veteran shooters in Otto Porter and Nemanja Bjelica to add more depth. Golden State finished 39-33 last season and managed to find their way into the play-in tournament. With the new veteran additions, return of star players, and bench help, Golden State is ready.

No, Golden State Is Not Ready

The truth is that even super teams fade out eventually. While the Warriors have added some players to fill holes in their roster, it won’t be enough. Unless Klay and Steph both score 35 a night, the Warriors are not what they used to be. Klay Thompson might be a little more hesitant in his movement on the court and if he is not moving at full speed early, then the Warriors are in trouble.

While Steph showed he is back to his elite form, the whole team will need to match his effort. Until that happens, this Warriors team will only be a first-round team at most.

Final Verdict

Based on all of the factors that could affect Steph and the Warriors, I believe they could make another legitimate run. They added the right draft picks and the right free agents to fill holes and with their “big three” healthy again, they could do it. Long ago in the year 2015, the Warriors took an identical team to the promise land so why not this year? With Steph sitting on his $200 million, Golden State should be full force ahead to get another title. The time is now while they still have Steph and Klay together.

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