Are The Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Bound?

Are The Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Bound?

Whenever a new season comes to fruition, this is the main question on each fan’s mind; is their team bound for the Super Bowl? For some, the answer is obviously no (looking at you Jaguars and Bengals). For others, the answer is maybe, and the Miami Dolphins fall in that circle. They are a playoff team, and not many fans or analysts dispute that. But, can they take somehow win out the AFC Conference, and play in Super Bowl 56?

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What The Dolphins Have To Work With

Of course, when we look at teams that could be Super Bowl bound, we must breakdown the roster to see the pros and cons:


The passing attack looks as solid as ever for the Miami Dolphins. They have a great starting tight end in Mike Gesicki who could easily have a Pro Bowl-caliber year after posting 53 catches for 703 yards and six touchdowns in only nine games started. The Dolphins also have a solid receiving core as well with the additions of Will Fuller V in free agency and Jaylen Waddle in the draft, along with retaining Davante Parker. The Dolphins also have sound depth to work with too in the receiving core with Preston Williams, Jakeem Grant, and Lynn Bolden Jr.

Their offensive line is good too with the addition of Liam Eicherburg in the draft; they’ll have a good starting five that could make nightmares for opposing defense. The main issue that comes to concern is the running game.

Now, no team needs a high-priced running back to win the chip, but you need a solid group and balance within the offense to secure it. The Dolphins didn’t do well with that advice, as they placed in the bottom half of the NFL in rushing yards per game (21st). However, while they did add Malcolm Brown in free agency and they drafted Gerrid Doaks in the seventh round, it’s hard to predict whether or not it will be good enough to give the pass offense a fair share of breathing room.


The Dolphins’ defense has its fair share of pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros. Firstly, the Dolphins bolstered their defense in the draft by selecting Jaelen Phillips and Jevon Holland with their second and third picks. The Dolphins also have solid stars all-around depth chart with Byron Jones, Jerome Baker, Christian Wilkins, and Xavien Howard, who just nodded a first-team All-Pro last season.

Also, while they did allow 251.5 passing yards per game (22nd), they placed eight in pass completion percentage and sixth in QB passer rating (87.0). Their pass defense has also strengthened with the addition of veteran Jason McCourty. From the looks of it, we can see this pass defense improve drastically, which leads to the cons.

It would only improve if Xavien Howard comes back to practice and the Dolphins’ facilities. Moreover, without him, there goes a huge chunk of the Dolphins’ pass defense. We will see the Dolphins’ pass defense numbers fall sharply, especially in completion percentage and pass defense.

Another slight con would be the rush defense. The Dolphins did place in the middle of the pack in rushing yards per game, allowing 116.4 (16th), but they did allow 4.5 yards per rush (19th) and 1.1 rushing touchdowns per game (21st). This isn’t good in any way, and run-happy teams will easily have an advantage over the Dolphins (i.e Browns, Ravens (Lamar Jackson), and Titans).

Dolphins’ Opponents To Look Out For

They may have a good team, but will it be enough to take on some of the best teams in the AFC? Let’s look through three of the best (not in any order) and find out:

Kansas City Chiefs

The kings of the AFC, the Chiefs are by far the team to beat in the AFC. With Mahomes at the helm with the best tight end in the NFL as of right now, a top-ten receiver, and what could be a top-ten offensive line, the Chiefs are a monster that many tremble against. Moreover, we can’t forget about their defense either. Chris Jones, Tyrann Mathieu, and an up-and-coming star in L’Jarius Sneed could bring pain for the Dolphins if they were to play.

The Dolphins played them last season and gave them a run for their money; they ultimately lost 27-33. With their improved o-line, it will be tough for the Dolphins to pressure Mahomes. It will be a battle that I see the Dolphins losing eight times out of ten.

Buffalo Bills

Ah, the rivals vying for the AFC East crown yet again, the Buffalo Bills. Their offense needs no introduction with Josh Allen leading helm along with the best receiver last year in Stefon Diggs. Their connection is god-tier, and no one can dispute that. The Bills also have a reliable receiving core with Cole Beasley, Emmanuel Sanders, and Dawson Knox as well. Their offensive line is solid too, and their defense will do damage when necessary.

The Dolphins lost to the Bills both times they faced off, including a 26-56 loss in Week 17. Are they beatable? Yes. Will it be tough to do so? Most definitely.

Cleveland Browns

Once the laughing stock of the whole NFL, the Browns have reshaped their organization for the better. Thanks to many key players including Myles Garrett, Baker Mayfield, former Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry, Kareem Hunt, Nick Chubb, Odell Beckham Jr, Denzel Ward, and many others. They honestly could have had a shot to win it all last season, but as they say, Hennething is possible *wink wink*.

The Browns’ offensive line is one of the best in the league, their tow-headed dragon in Chub and Hunt is the best in the league, their passing game is substantial, and their defense, specifically their front seven, is a nightmare deal with. I propose the same question; are they beatable? Yes (any given Sunday). Will it be tough? One can argue it may be tougher than beating the Bills.

Are The Dolphins Super Bowl Bound?

It’s a tough road, but the answer is no. While their offense is good, I can see the Dolphins’ defense being overpowered by some of the league’s best offenses that reside in the AFC.

The Dolphins have something building, and their offense and coaching staff proves that. Give it a year or two, and we could quite possibly see the Dolphins in the Super Bowl in the given future.

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