Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Updates

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Updates

Training camp is officially underway for all 32 NFL teams! This is one of the most exciting times of year for football fans as everyone wants to know what their team is up to. This season, I will be your resource for all things Cardinals! Game updates, player moves, and everything in between. I look forward to bringing the Red Sea to you this season. Without further ado, let’s get started with some training camp updates!

Chandler Jones

Star pass-rushing linebacker Chandler Jones made headlines earlier this month when he publicly requested a trade from the Cardinals. Most believed this was simply a move to get him the money he is seeking, but that has not been officially confirmed or denied.

One thing that we do know is that Jones showed up for training camp. He seems to be taking a professional approach to the situation and showing up despite some displeasure with the front office. Calls from fans to “pay that man” have taken over social media since the announcement. Whether the Cards listen to the cries is not yet know, but they would be wise to listen to their fan base and give Jones the money he deserves.

Former Cornerback Patrick Peterson ripped into the Cardinals front office about the situation earlier this week. After what was a bit of a messy breakup, Peterson is now a member of the Minnesota Vikings, and he has taken a no-holds-barred approach when discussing his former team. Was Peterson simply trying to recruit his former teammate, or does he actually feel that way? Either way, it is not a pretty situation.

Jordan Hicks

Another name on the minds of Cardinals fans is Jordan Hicks. The Linebacker was another name that people were watching for to see if he would show up. He arrived for camp and looks just as excited as ever, though! Keep an eye on my articles as I update you on the situation with Hicks.

Deandre Hopkins

The NFL released a statement saying that teams unable to reschedule any missed games due to COVID-19 would be forced to forfeit. As a result, many clubs began fining players that opted to not get the vaccine. Star receiver Deandre Hopkins tweeted and later deleted a response saying he was contemplating retirement. Hopkins cited that being in a position to hurt his team if he does not get the vaccine made him question his future in the NFL.

Although Hopkins clearly has not retired, it may be worth monitoring as the season goes on. If Nuk becomes too unhappy, then it may be a significantly tougher situation for the team. The front office will be forced to make a decision about the futures of either Hopkins or the coaching staff.

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