Atlanta Falcons Draft Profile: Darren Hall

Atlanta Falcons Draft Profile: Darren Hall

The Atlanta Falcons drafted San Diego State defensive back, Darren Hall, in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL draft. The Falcons’ secondary defense is probably the weakest unit on the team. Last year, the secondary allowed nearly 300 yards to opponents through the air. Adding Darren Hall gives the Falcons depth at the cornerback position and a solid developmental player that will become a starter in a few years.

Hall is currently a third-string left cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons.

5’11”188 lbs30 5/8″8 7/8″
Height, Weight, Arm and Hand measurements for Darren Hall.


Right off the bat, Darren Hall impressed me with his tackling ability. He has exceptional form when making tackles. Hall hits the opponent’s thigh with his helmet while keeping his head high and wrapping his arms around his legs. This is tackle fundamentals, but he does it effectively every time. He hits hard and is a tough back for receivers to elude.

Watching Hall’s film, you can see he was a disruptor at San Diego State. In 2019, Hall broke up 16 passes, tying the 2019 record set by Shemar Jean-Charles (App State.) The following year, Darren Hall broke up six passes in eight games. He covers receivers closely and is not afraid to make a big play to disrupt the opposing offense.

Hall thrives in both man-to-man and zone coverage. According to, Darren Hall “Sinks into receiver’s chest when phasing route downfield.” He is competitive on 50/50 balls and covers route-runners tightly. also noted that Darren Hall is “opportunistic in zone coverage.”

Hall also exhibits great timing and defensive instincts when going up to disrupt a pass. He was a plug-and-play DB at San Diego State that could play in any coverage, and that’s exactly what Arthur Smith and Dean Pees are looking for in this new era of Falcons’ football.


The majority of Hall’s weaknesses have to do with unorthodox technique. Below are weak techniques that notes:

  • Unorthodox shuffle into space from zone.
  • Too many freestyle movements over consistent technique.
  • Sticky hips stall transitions when routes cross his face.
  • Excessive wasted motion from the top of the drop

Besides the above, Hall does not show any other significant weaknesses worth noting. The Falcons will look to develop his technique over the next two years.


Darren Hall proved he can be a disruptor and a productive defensive asset at San Diego State. He is a developmental player that will most likely be DB2 for Atlanta in 2023.

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