Best Available Free Agents For The Chiefs To Pursue (Updated)

The Chiefs have fallen well short of expectations this offseason, missing out on many big signings and ending up with a desperate situation at tackle. The Chiefs have restructured many of their big contracts and made some huge cuts to give themselves some cap space to utilize.

However, currently, that cap space is just that – cap space.

The Chiefs have to fill some holes soon, and they are quickly running out of options. So we are taking a quick look at the remaining free agents and picking the players that Brett Veach should be calling.

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EDGE – Justin Houston

Not sure what is going on with Brett Veach and the front office of Arrowhead, but they are missing out on a ton of free agents that they are pursuing, and that is problematic. Melvin Ingram came into the building for a visit and left without any contract at all. Maybe his knee is a problem, but the lack of players at positions of need maybe a bigger one.

Justin Houston remains on the market, despite seeming to reinvigorate his career in 2019. Sure he became a rotational player for the Colts in 2020, but that is all KC would need him for. Maybe he does not want to sign with the Chiefs due to their cutting him back in the 2019 offseason, but if he does want to return to the red and gold, he would absolutely be welcomed back by fans with open arms.

DB – Quinton Dunbar

Quinton Dunbar is a player desperately in need of a second chance, which the Chiefs can use to their advantage. A knee injury and an off-the-field accusation kept Dunbar from playing much in 2020, but when he did play, he showed real development and progress as a young coverage corner. The Chiefs could bring him in on a decent one year contract, and potentially get some great “prove yourself” play from Dunbar to round out the secondary.

I would also heavily push the Chiefs to consider a run with Richard Sherman, who is still hanging around unsigned. Sherman and Mathieu together is a duo that no quarterback should want to see across from them.

LB – Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson was a backup for the Vikings who finally got his shot this past season after Anthony Barr missed time with an injury. Wilson took this opportunity and ran with it, grabbing three interceptions and 122 tackles. The dude can play, and he will one hundred percent sign a one-year “prove it” contract. If he thrives, the Chiefs could bring him in long-term next year when the cap explodes.

This will push Ben Niemann out of the linebacking rotation, and might I say, good riddance.

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OT – Russel Okung

This is about it when it comes to options for the Chiefs glaring left tackle vacancy, so it is either Okung or a rookie left tackle and an injured Mahomes by Week 6. Okung has been a journeyman tackle, with experience playing for all sorts of systems. The Chiefs still have to draft a left tackle, but this at least gives them a year before starting said left tackle.

There are rumors suggesting that the Chiefs have looked into Okung and are not interested, which would leave them with only one option: drafting a left tackle in the first round. So enjoy Mahomes while he is upright in the 2021 season.

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