Big 12 Teams On The Move To Other Conferences?

Big 12 Teams On The Move To Other Conferences?

On August 24th, some news that many thought has simmered down was fired back up in a big way. Former head coach Dave Wannstedt, and current Fox Sports college football analyst went on a radio show 670 the Score. Wannstedt would go on to say that several Big 12 schools have been making plans to join other conferences, and even goes into details.

Pac-12 making additions to the conference?

Wannstedt said Oklahoma State, and Kansas State would be joining the Pac-12 conference. A move of Big 12 schools to the Pac-12 has been rumored before. The idea of the Pac-12 becoming the Pac-20 making a super conference has been discussed by many. Ideally, this would be a merger of the Big 12 and Pac-12. The conference would be divided similarly as is now with a North and South division. If the merger were to happen, they could create four conferences inside the division. It would be interesting to see how this would develop if the rumors would become reality.

The ACC would get West Virginia?

Wannstedt stated West Virginia would be going to the ACC. West Virginia joined the Big 12 in 2012 as the only school outside the Midwest. West Virginia would supply the ACC with an up-and-coming football program, and a competitive basketball program. If West Virginia was the only addition the ACC would then have 15 schools. Currently, the ACC has 14 schools divided into two divisions called the Atlantic, and the Coastal. According to Schyler Callihan who writes for the Mountaineer Maven stated:

“ACC country has mixed feelings on the possibility of adding West Virginia to the league. Some believe it’s a perfect fit as it would add tremendous value to the conference in both football and basketball and it would bring back old rivalries. Meanwhile, there are others that don’t want to see WVU get in simply due to the “small market” and “not living up to the ACC’s academic standards”.

Kansas and Iowa State would be Big 10 bound?

Wannstedt mentioned Kansas and Iowa State to the Big 10. For many, this would be the ideal spot with such a competitive football conference. Kansas has been lacking in football for a while but would make up for that with their basketball program. Iowa State has provided a competitive product on the football field and this addition would fuel the already heated rivalry of Iowa and Iowa State.

The other schools such as TCU, Baylor, and Texas Tech were not mentioned by Wannstedt. The rumor mill keeps swirling and with the ACC, Big 10, and Pac-12 creating an alliance does any of Wannstedt’s claims come true. In the end, the Big 12 should act quickly if they are attempting to salvage what is left. The Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby has not been swift in years past.

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