Big E Wins WWE Championship

Big E Wins WWE Championship

Last night on Monday Night RAW we saw a big championship change. Big E successfully cashed in his Money In the Bank contract on Bobby Lashley. In doing so, he became the new WWE Champion. 

The night started with a tweet from Big E saying he was going to cash in his briefcase:

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The beginning of RAW saw Smackdowns Big E make his way down to the ring. He announced he was cashing in his contract that evening against either Bobby Lashley or Randy Orton. The main event for the evening was the Bobby Lashley Randy Orton WWE Championship Match. Bobby Lashley would emerge victorious from the bout but was holding his leg. Looking weak with an injury, Big E came running down to the ring to cash in his contract. 

Big E told the ref to ring the bell, the show went to commercial break. When the program returned Lashley was trying to get out of the match but a slap from Big E annoyed the champ and the match was on. As the match went on, An attempt to land the Big Ending didn’t connect. Big E had to kick out of spear from the champion.

Eventually, Big E was able to turn the tables again, land his move and get the three count to win the title. His friends and teammates from New Day came down to the ring to celebrate with him:

Big E win has been received favorably with the superstar being popular with peers. The crowd reaction was huge with the championship change. With one of the biggest endings in the television shows history, questions are now being asked as to what happens on the road to Extreme Rules. 

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