Soccer Is Dead; Rich People Killed It: European Super League

April 19, 2021

Yesterday, it was announced that 12 elite European teams are forming a so-called “European Super League”. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Milan, Inter Milan, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man United, Man City, Tottenham, and Chelsea. These are the clubs that want to steal the game. These so-called elite clubs agreed on forming a closed competition, where teams are not chosen on sporting merits, but riches. The greed won.

What is the European Super League?

The idea of the ESL is to be played instead of the Champions League. Three more teams are expected to get invitations as founding members, and five more teams to join the project and form a 20 teams league. Two ten team groups, top four each year go on to play quarterfinals. The champion is to be decided every season.

Founding members are to be part of the league every season, with the other five rotating. Five clubs will get invitations every season.

Founding clubs

Let’s say few words about every of the 12 founding clubs and their owners:

Real Madrid

UCL is embroidered in this club’s DNA. Owner Florentino Perez talks about forming the ESL for years no. He will be the chairman of this newly formed league. His greed is at the foundations of all this. He doesn’t want his team to “waste” his time in games against teams from Bulgaria, Norway, Greece, Netherlands, etc. They were knocked out by Lyon and Ajax in the last ten years. Perez wants to be sure that this never happens again.


“Mes que un club” – “More than club”, they present themselves as people’s club. A club owned by its fans, basically. Maybe the debts they are forced them to be part of this league, but it’s a betrayal towards all of their fans, and everything this club claims to stands for.

Atletico Madrid

Miguel Angel Gil Martin always says that they are not as rich as Real and Barca so they do things in their own way. It seems like they want to be like the rich clubs, no matter what their owner says.


Andrea Agnelli is the other owner that wants the ESL to happen for many years now. He’ll be one of the vice-presidents of the league. Juventus were knocked out by Porto, Lyon, Ajax in the last three seasons. Teams they believe are not good enough to compete against…


The American-owned club is without a doubt one of Europe’s best clubs, history-wise. But since they won the Scudetto in 2011, they’ve finished 2nd, 3rd. And since that 3rd place in 2013, they’ve never qualified for the Champions League spots. They finished 5th, 6th, and 7th in the last three seasons. How do they belong to this group of teams?

Inter Milan

Owned by Steven Zhang; Zhang is a member of the UEFA Competitions Committee. By taking part in this project, he goes directly against everything his position represents. In the last ten years, they played CL football four times. They went past the group stage only once: in 2011. Milan went out of the group stages in the last three editions of the Champions League. They couldn’t even make a decent run in the Europa League.

Manchester City

Since Sheikh Mansour’s arrival, City became one of the best teams on the continent. Last season when there were investigations of City breaking the FFP rules, all big European clubs were against them. Every club in Europe wanted City punished and out of the Champions League. Now they all want a new league for all the rich clubs…

Manchester United

Every Man United fan hates the Glaziers. There were so many fan strikes in the years against the American owners of United. Now Joel Glazer will be one of the vices in the ESL. The club once run by sir Alex Ferguson is different, as not a million spenders are no longer here. The club surrendered to greed.


John W. Henry was once worshiped at Merseyside for buying the club and saving it from bankruptcy. He became a fan favorite because of his work with Jurgen Klopp, he goes to home games, and his beautiful wife Linda Pizzuti. Liverpool is a working-class city with working-class fans. “You’ll never walk alone” is much more than just a song, more than a hymn.

People believe in this, and they feel betrayed. John W. Henry will be vice-president of the newly formed league, but he will always walk alone.


Stan Kroenke is another who’ll be a vice-president in the newly formed league. This will be Arsenal’s 5th season in a row where they fail to reach the top four. They have never won the Champions League. Their only European trophy is the UEFA Cup winners cup in 1994. And, they think they belong in this group of teams while struggling in 10th place in the English Premier League.


Daniel Levi is a famously greedy owner. One Champions League final in their whole history, and they think they are a big club. Their last ever trophy was the 2008 Carling cup…


Roman Abramovich was the first oligarch to take over an EPL team. Chelsea became a top club after that takeover. Their fans are strongly against such competition.

In total, four of the 12 founding clubs has never won the Champions League. And, they think they are elite European clubs.

Refused to take part:

These teams are the bright light in European football. They refused the invitation and stated they won’t take part in such a shameful organization. Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and PSG sound like the voice of reason.

War against it:

The positive side of all this is that UEFA, FIFA, and the local associations showed that they still care about football. FIFA declared open war on the founding team. It was earlier announced that FIFA may ban ESL players from representing their nations in FIFA competitions. English FA also said that the ESL team won’t be allowed into the English premier league. Even the premier Boris Johnson said he’ll work on punishing the rebelling teams. All English media slammed this decision.

“Telegraph”, “Daily mail”, “Daily Mirror”, even the “S*n” issued the FA to take action against the teams. The top-four fight is usually the most dramatic battle in the Premier League. Now, it becomes useless. The teams that can’t reach European football spots with football means; they try everything they can to still be part of the big money.

UEFA even announced that the ESL teams might be discarded from this year’s Champions League and Europa League. So, the whole football world is at war with these 12 teams now. Who’ll compromise on their demands is the question that worries all football fans across the world.

My theory:

All this ESL idea is just a way the rich clubs blackmail UEFA to make the Champions league the way they want it to be. More spots for English, Spanish, Italian teams, fewer spots for teams from Eastern Europe, and not just. European runs like Ajax’s, Lyon, Porto, and other teams that don’t belong to the big 12 to be cut. No spot for a team like Leicester that is breaking into the traditional big six in England. Football to be a sport just for the rich clubs. No place for equality in European football.