Tedarrell (TJ) Slaton: Green Bay Packers Scouting Report

May 15, 2021

Tedarrell (TJ) Slaton-DL-Florida

6’4, 330 pounds

RAS: 7.96


First thing first, he is a big man who can push the pocket, explosive off the snap for such a big guy. He is hard to stop once he gets ahead of steam. TJ likes to be known as a load for one blocker to handle by themselves. Reportedly, he played at 360, but his body does not look sloppy at all on film. He looks well put together.

Slaton also shows on film the ability to ruin running plays by shoving his blocker numerous yards into the backfield. Slaton has experience playing both the one-tech and the three-tech. He has also shown he can reach out while engaged with an offensive lineman and grab a running back. The big nose tackle is a good form tackler. If he gets his hands on a ball carrier, they are going down.

He has shown a developing swim move on film. He keeps fighting on every play. His feet don’t stop. Florida used him on some stunts, and he looked good. He has long arms to bat balls at the line. When he sees the quarterback loading up to throw, he will try and throw his arm up to block his FOV or possibly bat the pass.


On film, his agility is a big negative. He is not able to change direction quickly. Slaton will turn his body sometimes and get easily pushed out of the play by the blocker. TJ will get stuck on a blocker more than a guy his size and strength should be.

He still has some rawness to his game only having been a one-year starter. Not much experience on third and long-type plays. He usually got pulled on those plays. The big defensive lineman will get pushed back at times. His anchor is inconsistent.

He will let backs run past him at times when he still could attempt to reach out and grab them. He will try and throw out a spin move, occasionally; it’s ineffective. He should stop trying it. He will lean too far forward sometimes, throwing off his balance, and letting the offensive lineman play ole with him.

Final Thoughts:

Slaton has the size and strength to be a dominant nose. He just has some inconsistencies in his game that need to be ironed out. Also, he might have weight issues; he was reported as heavy as 360 pounds this past season. So, it is something to monitor.

He needs to work on keeping himself square to the line of scrimmage. He also needs to keep working on developing pass rush moves. So far, the only one he has with any effectiveness is his swim and that still needs some work. He also looked ok on stunts. I would expect to see him continue to get used to stunts on occasion.

His agility is really lacking, so his upside as a pass rusher might be somewhat limited. He probably still will be mostly limited to rundowns and short-yardage downs. He definitely fills a need for the Packers. He is still a bit of a boom or bust prospect, though. Hopefully, the coaching staff can get it out of him.