Pro Wrestling News and Rumors for July 27th-28th

August 5, 2021

Flying to Chicago Rumors

Tony Khan and AEW’s Executive Vice Presidents took a private jet to Chicago on Sunday to film promotional footage, according to’s Cassidy Haynes. It’s not clear what they were filming, but the report mentions plans to turn Chicago into their #2 market. It also mentions if they will debut CM Punk in his hometown and did they talk to the United Center for a future show.

My thoughts: I hope they flew to Chicago for all those reasons. I can’t wait for them to sell out the 20,000+ United Center since so many think they can. I also can’t wait to see the promos for All Out. AEW always has good promos to heighten the match.

CM Punk is 100% Coming To Chicago’s Cassidy Haynes also said that CM Punk is “100%” for Chicago, but no sources are telling the date. It could be September 1 – AEW Dynamite, September 3 – AEW Rampage, or September 5th at AEW All Out.

My thoughts: I love how they are leaving it up in the air and Punk isn’t saying anything. Part of me wants him to debut at AEW Rampage on Friday night. It will be live with a retro look and they can take the time to explain. Could they put Ric Flair with CM Punk or will it be Andrade even though Chavo Guerrero Jr. was introduced as his manager? Write to me what you think with happens at

Queen of the Ring Tournament and Back to Saudi Arabia Rumors? Really?!?!

Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian stated one of his sources said WWE will be doing a Queen of the Ring Tournament. It is penciled in currently slated to start the October 10th on the Smackdown episode. Zarian also said that WWE is planning its return to Saudi Arabia on October 21. Some rumors are that the finals of the Queen of the Ring Tournament will be held in Saudi Arabia.

My thoughts: I thought that the Queen of the Ring Tournament should have happened years ago. I would like to know why now? WWE just released a bunch of women, so every superstar would need to be a part of it. I don’t think they will be going to Saudi Arabia because of the travel restrictions. Please remember WWE hasn’t mandated for their crew or wrestlers to be vaccinated. I’m actually interested in who is going to be at what shows that require vaccinations.

If WWE does go to Saudi Arabia, please don’t let them have the finals there. They will not have a newer wrestler be in the finals. Liv Morgan vs Toni Storm won’t be happening. Their audiences always have wanted the older wrestlers. They would probably rather see Lita vs Trish Stratus. So if they go and they decide to have the finals there, then it will likely be Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks.

No NXT Stars at Monday Night Raw

According to PW Insider, for the first time in several weeks, there were no NXT wrestlers at Raw on July 26 for Dark Matches or the Main Event taping. Of course, Karrion Kross was there taking on Keith Lee, but it is assumed that he is now on the Raw roster.

My thoughts: Why did they need so many different NXT wrestlers to do dark matches for numerous weeks? They can watch them every week on NXT or they can even go down there to watch in person. I’m not sure Bronson Reed feels really great after being off the TV and doing dark matches for a couple of weeks, but not getting pulled up. Then you have Tegan Nox who didn’t wrestle any dark matches but was pulled up anyway. It’s just craziness especially when they have a solid veteran from Lucha Libre and Impact Wrestling in Frankie Monet.

Becky Lynch Rumor Update

Ringside News claims their sources state that Becky Lynch will not be returning anytime soon. They reported that she won’t be back before the next draft, which could be the first week of October.

My thoughts: This sounds totally normal to me about the WWE. She was cleared and at WrestleMania 37, but they stated they didn’t need her. I guess they didn’t need Bayley or Charlotte either, so let’s put you to the test. Other than Sasha Banks, Asuka, Rhea Ripley, and Bianca Belair: name the other women at WrestleMania 37.

So many fans thought Becky would be back by February, however, I don’t think they understood Becky wanted to bond with their baby plus she needed time to get back into ring shape. After that, she got into the ring with students at the Black and Brave Wrestling Academy. But then she needed to go to Orlando and get at the Performance Center.

When they went on the road, technically Becky was on Raw and Seth was in Smackdown. I’ve said for months that Naomi and Becky would switch to Smackdown while Carmella and either Sasha or Bayley would be going to Raw. My guess was Bayley, but now we will wait until the draft.

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