Future AEW Storylines We Want To See

September 12, 2021

With numerous talent joining All Elite Wrestling as of late, there are plenty of interesting matchups that could take place. But, we take a look at the top-five storylines that we would like to see happen in AEW within the next year:

Cody Rhodes Joins The Elite

When Cody returns from his leave, he will automatically be looking at getting revenge over Malakai Black. Once that has been accomplished, joining with his fellow EVP and friends Kenny Omega, Adam Cole and The Young Bucks would be a fantastic way to breathe fresh life into The American Nightmare character. 

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The Elite could take the angle that it was their blood and sweat that created AEW. The Elite are not getting the recognition they deserve. AEW gave opportunities to Jon Moxley, Jungle Boy, Eddie Kingston, Sting and others to either become a star, or to finish their careers in style. Once the Elite storyline has run its course, it would eventually lead to a falling out. A dream match scenario between an arguing Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega. This could main event an AEW pay per view. 

Dark Order Civil War

With tension among the Dark Order at the moment going back to the beating Hangman Page received from The Elite. The storyline at present is that they don’t have a leader. At the moment there is a split within the camp. One side lead by Alex Reynolds and the other by Evil Uno. Hangman Adam Page could return and try to patch up his friends arguing and even become their leader. But, Evil Uno could attack Adam Page and Alex Reynolds. Creating a split within the group which allowed some members to go on their own and Evil Uno to create a new cult-like stable.

Jamie Hayter Targets AEW Championship Gold

As Britt Baker defends her AEW Women’s championship against the entire division successfully. The biggest challenger will be standing right by her side. Hayter would pick up continuous victories as the muscle for Baker but quietly rise the rankings until she’s in the number one spot.

Once she reaches number one, Baker, scared of facing her teammate would shut down the idea and even cost Hayter a match which, in turn would make her slip down the rankings. Hayter, showing signs of frustration with the lack of respect and opportunity by Britt can slowly pick up wins again. Once she reaches number one, once again, she could finally stand up to the dentist. With the crowd on her side and she could potentially end the reign of Britt Baker D.M.D. 

Christian Cage Turns Heel

Christian Cage has been on a roll since he returned to the ring and made his debut at Revolution. He has formed a bond between himself and the Jungle Express. He has defeated Kenny Omega to win the Impact World Championship. In the main event of All Out he put in a great performance in his loss to Omega. But a future turn by Christian on Jungle Boy would see the truly great side of the Christian character. Playing a cocky legend who believes he’s better than everyone is a version of a character Christian has played in the past.

After facing Jungle Boy, where they could say Christian was tired of carrying him; Christian could face numerous AEW stars. Matches against PAC, Jon Moxley, Darby Allin, Lance Archer and many more are fresh exciting matches that Christian could face once he becomes the bad guy.  

Hangman Adam Page Dethrones Kenny Omega

When Hangman Adam Page returns, he will continue to pick up victories until he is number one on the rankings again. Confronting Omega to say he is no longer taking The Elite rubbish. He would go through all members of the Elite. By defeating every member in the same way as Chris Jericho’s five laborers, he would be the man to take down The Elite. 

With the whole locker room behind him to end The Elite and Omega reign over the AEW Championship, there are brilliant dream matches to have. Hangman Adam Page and Omega would face each other in the main event of Full Gear.  This would finally be the moment he dethrones Omega and win the AEW Championship.