Houston Rockets: Another Veteran Potentially Moving On?

September 20, 2021

If you’re a Houston Rockets fan, you’ve had to do a lot of unusual adjusting over the last year or so. From the eight years prior, the Rockets were thought to be a powerhouse. A consistent Western conference threat. Well, that was in large part due to the sheer ability of a certain bearded man with the number 13 among a few others.

Flash forward to today, and everything’s changed. Dwight Howard’s been gone. Chris Paul’s been gone. Russell Westbrook’s been gone. James Harden quit last year. And now, John Wall and Eric Gordon are potentially on the move as well.

It’s Been A Long Time Coming

Now don’t get me wrong, I saw all of this coming from a mile away. We finished with the leagues-worst record last year, drafted a potential stud in Jalen Green to pair with another potential stud in Kevin Porter Jr., and have surrounded them with even younger potential talent. So, guys like Wall and Gordon who’s owed a ridiculous amount of money over the next year or two don’t necessarily fit our timeline. Which means it’s time to go.

Make A Move… When It’s Right

But the Rockets have to get this right. The entire world knows they flopped on the Harden trade, so getting a return for both of these players that are deserved is key. Yes, John Wall is owed a lot of money over the next two years, and Eric Gordon can be viewed as injury-prone. However, John Wall did average twenty and seven in his first game action in over two years. And Eric Gordon is widely viewed as one of the best sixth man’s in the entire league. They deserve value.

It’s Time To Begin A New Era

Will it be an all-star caliber player in return? Probably not. Will it be potential gold that runs out of time and has been given up on? I’d have to say probably not again. But then again I don’t see how we couldn’t sneak a late first-rounder from a desperate title contender. I’m looking at you Clippers. I’m looking at you. It’s been a fun ride with Gordon, and let’s face it Wall was here to play with Harden so it’s time to move on. Get them where they want to be, get good quality capital in return, and continue to ride this next wave.