Five Chiefs Players That Trended Up In Week Ten Against The Raiders

November 15, 2021

With how the Chiefs’ offense has played these past few weeks, no one expected to perform as well as they did; also, no one expected a blowout either as the Chiefs mopped the floor with the Raiders 41-14. They now improve to 6-4 on the season, reminiscent of their 2019 record through ten games where they went to the Super Bowl. They currently sit in first place in the AFC West.

If you’ve been around Border Fuel before, I’d typically do a three players trending up/down article; however, this week was too special as there are many great players to highlight. With that said, here are five players that stood out the most in this Week Ten blowout win:

Patrick Mahomes, QB

To everyone that has doubted him, Patrick Mahomes is back in an empathic fashion. Mahomes torched the Raiders’ defense with 35 completions on 50 attempts for 406 yards and five touchdowns with a 127.6 QB rating. He certainly had a day, and the NFL agrees:

It seems as though Mahomes has finally clicked with this offense and has reverted them to their original state. Everything was going right for Mahomes, no matter where he threw to the ball or whoever he threw it to. Mahomes was able to work the pocket well and evade when necessary, not being sacked once this game and only being hit three times. While huge props go to the offensive line for this stat, Mahomes also played his part. It is was the perfect game to put the league on notice,

Now he wasn’t the only one who proceeded to stand out in a much-needed break-out game. Mahomes had some key pieces that went along with it:

Travis Kelce, TE

One of the players would be Travis Kelce. Kelce was the leading receiver for the Chiefs yesterday, catching eight passes on ten targets for 119 yards. While he didn’t score a touchdown this week, he did have many big plays, including a huge 30-yard reception to set the Chiefs’ offense up for a touchdown.

For someone who is still 32 years old, Kelce still possesses great agility. Kelce looked like an ice skater on an ice rink, cutting and dashing across the field so fluidly to the point where Raiders’ defenders could barely tackle him. His route running and breaking off from defenders looked superb as he was able to get great separation from the person guarding him. Nothing truly went wrong for him, and he proved to the league that he is still one of the best tight ends in the NFL.

Darrel Williams, RB

With the absence of Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Darrel Williams has stepped up in many ways and has continued to show his versatility in both the rushing and passing game. In the rushing game, Williams had 43 yards on 11 carries with a 21-yard run through the gut of the Raiders’ first and second level. While that’s true, Williams made a much more significant impact in the receiving game; he caught the ball on all nine targets for 101 and a touchdown, averaging 11.2 yards per reception. On his touchdown, he also mossed a Raiders’ DB:

The route, the jump, and the catch; everything was just perfect on that touchdown reception. Once CEH comes back as the starter, I can still see Williams making waves in the receiving end as the backup RB. He has developed into a solid backup RB with massive pass-catching prowess; the Chiefs will always be happy to have him in the backfield.

Armani Watts, S

From this impressive showing from all sides of this Chiefs team, who do you think the leading tackler was today for them? Guess what? It wasn’t Bolton, nor was it Sneed. It was none other than Armani Watts, who subbed in for Tyrann Mathieu after the game was turning more and more into a blowout.

Watts had a stellar game, netting seven total tackles, with four of them being solo tackles along with a tackle for a loss. He also showed solid prowess in coverage, much better than what we’ve seen from Sorensen all season as he was able to stick with his man in coverage; he did well in both Man and Zone coverage. Why the Chiefs haven’t used him more confuses me; however, with Watts’s performance this week, he’ll be stealing reps from Sorensen this season.

There are a lot of players I could put as trending up in place of Watts, but I feel as though he deserves recognition for his efforts. He played well, and everyone should know about it.

L’Jarius Sneed, CB

As the Saints have Taysom Hill on offense, the Chiefs have Sneed on defense as he showed out today as the Chiefs’ Swiss Army Knife from playing in coverage to blitzing the QB. Sneed had a great game, tallying six total tackles with five solo tackles, a tackle-for-a-loss, and a QB hit. He was all over the place, making play after play and showing his versatility. He even revealed to be a very reliable tackler, ensuring his opponents for the sure tackle:

It seems as though we are seeing a different type of Sneed than what we’ve seen the weeks beforehand (excluding the Packers game). Spagnuolo must’ve realized that he hasn’t been using him properly and has fixed by implementing him in the way we are used to seeing; rushing the QB and playing in the open field.

It’s refreshing to see as the re-energized Chiefs’ defense continues to stand out week after week. Will it continue against the Cowboys? I guess we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out.

Which Chiefs’ players do you believe trended up in this Week Ten blowout win against the Las Vegas Raiders? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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