Fantasy Football 2021 Disappointments Based On ADP

November 16, 2021

There are numerous ways to go about drafting in fantasy football. ADPs, research all you want, listen to tons of podcasts, but that still might not work. Going with your gut might be the best bet for you or anyone. Just because a player has a certain ADP (averaged draft position) does not mean it will come together. It is a fantasy for a reason. The best and worst thing is how unpredictable it can be. A few players have been disappointing and not living up to their ADP from the off-season.

The Cook Is Missing

Dalvin Cook averaged over 22 points in half PPR and over 24 points in full PPR last season. Cook was the consensus number two pick in almost every draft this past off-season. I know some people that took Cook number one overall. It has been very underwhelming if Dalvin Cook is on your fantasy football team. Being your top pick, Cook has not produced like one. In 14 games last season, Cook had eight games with 20 or more points. This season, he has just three of those games and has already missed two weeks of action.

Cook is averaging 15.7 points in full PPR leagues which has him as RB22. Being a first-round pick, it is a frustrating feeling. The biggest contributor to Dalvin’s lackluster fantasy performances is the touchdowns. Having 16 rushing touchdowns in 2020, Dalvin has just three total touchdowns on the season. This is something fantasy managers of Cook are going to have to just deal with for the rest of 2021.

Clyde Is Gliding Outta KC

At this rate, do the Kansas City Chiefs really need a specific running back? Or can they plug and play anyone at the position? Clyde Edwards-Helaire has been the most disappointing player for me. I was high on him in 2020 and used a first-round pick on him in a few leagues. The truth is, the Chiefs do not trust CEH as they do with Darrel Williams. Since CEH’s injury, Williams has had two games with over 20 points including last Sunday’s 29 point outing vs the Raiders.

CEH before the injury was disappointing. He was not getting the goal line carries managers wanted to see. He flat out was not getting the production in the first five weeks of the season that felt satisfying. Even with two 100 yard rush games, CEH was RB29 after week five. He was being drafted as the RB14 with an ADP of 21.5.

Allen Is Robin Son

This is going to hurt a lot of people, but does anyone know what happened to Allen Robinson? At times, you could start him confidently as a WR1 in 2020. At this point in 2021, I am more comfortable starting Cole Beasley than Allen Robinson. Cole Beasley is the WR3 for the Bills and Robinson is supposed to be the WR1 for the Bears. That should give you a perspective on how bad it is going this year for Robinson.

Allen Robinson had an ADP of 32.8 and WR11. He has not scored more than 10.8 points this season and that is in full PPR. At this rate, sitting as WR60, you can drop Allen Robinson and not feel bad whatsoever. It is a sad thing to see as a fantasy manager when your 3rd-4th round pick is being outperformed by players that went un-drafted. This was probably the biggest fantasy bust this season. A lot of players got injured, but not Robinson. He has played in every game but just has not been able to produce.

Final Thoughts

Everyone had disappointments on their fantasy football teams this year. It will always happen and nothing can be done about it. It is how you recover from drafting a player that isn’t producing at a top-level you expected him to.