Book Daurice Fountain A Spot On The Chiefs’ Final-53

Book Daurice Fountain A Spot On The Chiefs’ Final-53

If you’ve read the title correctly, you already know who this title is about; it’s about none other than Chiefs’ WR Daurice Fountain. His performance has been awe-striking, to say the least as I believe he has been the best receiver through the pre-season. I could continue to say that he could serve as a good WR for the Chiefs to place on the final roster.

So, How Has Daurice Fountain Shined?

I’m glad you asked. Fountain has been a stud on the receiving end is proving it through his stats. In Week 1 of the preseason against the 49ers, he had six targets, which resulted in four catches for 38 yards; he led the Chiefs’ in receiving yards that night. Against the Cardinals, he caught all three passes thrown his way for 54 yards, averaging 18 yards per catch. He also has the most receiving yards per game in the preseason amongst all other Chiefs’ players:

Fountain said this in an interview last week after the Chiefs’ win over the 49ers:

I just really went into the game today just saying, ‘I’ve got to take advantage of my reps’. Coach Reid, Joe and everybody else, they’ve been doing a really good job of helping me prepare and get ready for these preseason games just to get an opportunity to go out and showcase my skill

Daurice Fountain

Don’t worry, you have taken advantage of them and ran like Tyreek Hill versus Usain Bolt (hopefully, happening soon). He is a stud, and has proved it these past two preseason games and in training camp.

Who Is Fountain Beating Out This Preseason?

For pure honesty, he has been beating out almost everyone this preseason; there is an argument between him and Pringle, but they both have been balling out regardless. He has torched Demarcus Robinson, who has practically been a no-show all preseason, catching only two passes on six targets. He has been beating Hardman, and while he had a much better game Friday, Fountain is still beating him out in terms of consistency. Fountain has also been killing rookie WR Cornell Powell and specials teams giant Marcus Kemp:

Fountain has been putting highlight after highlight in both preseason games. Just look at this spectacular sideline catch from him on Friday night for 41 yards:

I’d be awe-struck if he didn’t make it. Out of all receivers, he has been playing the best in-game. He has the talent that you need in a final roster WR; good hands, good separation ability using his strength and can generate YAC using his athletic ability. I’d say that’s pretty good for a WR, don’t you?

Where Would He Be On The Depth Chart?

This still would be a tough decision as aside from Tyreek Hill, the rest of the roster is hard to determine and raises many questions. How many receivers will make the final roster, five, six, or even more? How would they be utilized per their strengths? When should they be used? There are more questions, but this is a fair prediction from yours truly:

Fourth String; Backup

Now, this is a fair prediction for him and his performance thus far. We all know Hill is a starter and we know Hardman will probably be the slot receiver once the preseason ends; so, that’s two spots filled. They’ll put Pringle on the final roster and serve as the WR2 with his ecstatic performance in the preseason; plus, they may place him over Fountain due to experience with the offense.

Fourth string makes him one of the primary backups for the Chiefs’ offense, a good spot to be, especially for being on the practice squad for all of 2020. As stated above, he’s performed better than anyone else on that list in-game aside from Pringle, where there is a fair argument. Moreover, if he performs spectacularly over the regular season, he could jump up the depth chart as the season goes along.

Overall: Book Daurice Fountain’s Spot

Thus argued, Fountain has performed well to earn that final roster spot. Am I overreacting a bit? Yes. Is it for a very good reason? Most definitely.

Unless he has a shaky game against the Vikings this Friday, I think it’s safe to say he could secure his spot on the roster once camp and the preseason are over.

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