Border Fuel Announces Sports Content Creator United

Hello sports community! The reason that you’re reading this column is a strong reason for our next growth opportunity here at Border Fuel.

While most of the moves that we make as a network are kept internal, I believe that this move is especially meant for the public eye.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Keaton and I’m the Managing Partner of Border Fuel. What that means is that I, alongside our Director Of Operations, Byron Smith, work to grow our sports content here at Border Fuel.

However, with the growing need for people to find work from home or simply need a hobby to distract them from the happenings around the world, we felt the desire to help in any way possible.

With that said, I’d like to formally introduce you to our newest venture: Sports Content Creators United.


Okay, so what’s that mean?

Now, for those who would like some info on what this is or what it’s about, here’s what I can tell you.

SCCU is currently a resource on Twitter that we’ve established to provide a community resource for real sports networks and those looking to start or continue their sports content journey to collide.

I won’t go in depth on the future plans for this project, but I can tell you that those plans go far beyond Twitter.

Different from a few other options on Twitter, we will not be connecting creators with just anyone willing to run an ad on our page. Our goal is to provide the BEST opportunities to those in need.

So, if you are a sports content creator, or simply someone who may be interested in getting into the world of sports media, please follow and direct message us on Twitter. If, by chance, you aren’t on Twitter – fear not! You can simply message us via this link.

Thank you for reading!