Border Fuel Best Bets: NFL Week One

The NFL season has arrived, which also means that betting season is here for NFL fans. In this article, we will look at a few best bets for week one.

Now, before we begin, let’s go over a couple of disclaimers. First, obviously bet responsibly. Secondly, a personal disclaimer is that I typically stick to money line bets and the occasional spread bet, so this article will follow a 3-2-1 money line-spread-over/under format. So firstly, we will look at three money line best bets of the week.

Three Moneyline Bets for Week One

  1. Indianapolis Colts over the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Colts are pretty heavy favorites in this one, so you would obviously want this to be as part of a parlay, but the Jaguars have a depleted defense and a thin running back room and you should be pretty safe betting against them most of the season. This one should be easy money.

2. Philadelphia Eagles over the Washington Football Team

The Eagles are dealing with the injury bug already this season and will be missing starting running back Miles Sanders and will have a shallow wide receiver corp, but they still shouldn’t have too much trouble against Washington. The quarterback matchup in this one will be the reason why the Eagles come away victorious. Put your trust in Carson Wentz this week.

3. Baltimore Ravens over the Cleveland Browns

The Ravens may just be the scariest offense in the league not led by Patrick Mahomes and I would not bet against them this year. The Browns will assuredly be better than they were last season, so that is a little scary but still not as scary as the Ravens.

Bonus: New England Patriots over the Miami Dolphins

Two Spread Bets for Week One

  1. Eagles -5.5 versus the Washington Football Team

For the same reasons as discussed above, the Eagles should be trusted to win by a touchdown over Washington, which will cover the spread.

2. Arizona Cardinals +7 versus the San Francisco 49ers

The Cardinals lost both of the matchups against the 49ers last season by a combined 13 points. The Cardinals are much improved this season and the 49ers have lost DeForest Buckner since last year and will be without Deebo Samuel. I don’t know if this will be enough for the Cardinals to win, but they should be able to make this a close game.

One Over/Under Bet for Week One

Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the New Orleans Saints over 47.5

Hammer the over in this one, it should be a shootout. The much talked about Tampa Bay offense will matchup against one of the better offenses of 2019 AND it’s a matchup of two all-time great quarterbacks. This may be the game of the week this week and there should be a lot of points put up.

Remember to bet responsibly this week and don’t rely strictly on my picks, but hopefully, this can help win y’all some money this week!