Border Fuel Facebook NFL Mock Draft: Top Ten

Every year we see everyone and their mothers make and share mock drafts. Everyone has an opinion on who their favorite NFL team should draft. Like myself, we share them and they get ripped apart and ridiculed. Do not get me wrong, I love the feedback and the fire from the fans.

I went to the different teams fans Facebook groups and submitted a poll on each one to see what the majority of fans would select. I also add the stipulation no trades.

Here is the results, and I really do appreciate the Facebook groups.

With the first pick of the Facebook fan vote the Jacksonville Jaguars (True Jaguars Fan Zone) select:

Trevor Lawrence QB, Clemson with 79 votes

With the second pick in the draft the New York Jets (NY Jets 24/7) select:

Zach Wilson QB, BYU with 30 votes

With the third pick of the draft, the Miami Dolphins (Miami Dolphins Fan Page 2.0) selects:

Davonta Smith WR, Alabama with 22 votes, beating out Penei Sewell by 1 vote (That is why it is important to vote)

With the fourth pick of the draft, the Atlanta Falcons (#RiseUp Atlanta Falcons) select:

Justin Fields QB, Ohio State with 26 votes, once again beating Penei Sewell by 1 vote

With the fifth pick of the draft, the Cincinnati Bengals (CINCINNATI BENGALS WHO-DEY ALL DEY Every DEY) select:

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Penei Sewell OT, Oregon with 70 votes

With the sixth pick in the draft the Philadelphia Eagles (PHILADELPHIA EAGLES) select:

Ja’Marr Chase WR, LSU with 41 votes

With the seventh pick of the draft, the Detroit Lions (DETROIT LIONS Truest Fans Page) select:

Micah Parsons LB, Penn State with 99 votes

With the eighth pick in the draft, the Carolina Panthers (CAROLINA PANTHERS) select:

Patrick Surtain II CB, Alabama with 100 votes

With the ninth pick in the draft the Denver Broncos (Denver Broncos) select:

Caleb Farley CB, VT with 140 votes

With the tenth pick in the draft the Dallas Cowboys (Dallas Cowboys Fans) select:

Rashawn Slater OT, Northwestern with 120 votes

I really hope you enjoyed this experiment and had fun. Once again, without the fans and the readers, we would not be able to live out a dream of writing about the NFL and the Draft.