Border Fuel Podcast: Episode One – Kansas City Chiefs, NBA Playoffs, And Thom Brennaman

Welcome to the first episode of the Border Fuel Podcast! This week traditions are questioned, a long-time broadcaster is fired and the number one-seeds are struggling in the NBA Playoffs.

The Kansas City Chiefs announced fans would no longer be allowed to wear headdresses and wear Native American themed face paint into Arrowhead stadium. This has a lot of fans outraged, but it has more to do with where this is heading.

Fans fear if the Chiefs start banning headdresses, how much longer before the chop or even the name are changed? Chiefs fans need to relax and realize they get to watch Patrick Mahomes every week. Sure, removing the chop would suck from a nostalgic standpoint, it’s not going to hinder the joy of watching a winning team. The Chiefs do a lot of research and communicate with the Native American culture. If they deem the chop inappropriate or no-longer necessary, I support them. Plus, the Chiefs are long ways away from even thinking about changing the name.

In baseball news, Red announcer Thom Brennaman was caught saying a gay slur over a hot mike prior to the Reds pregame show. Brennaman then gave one of the most awkward on-air apologies in broadcast history, one that featured him calling a home run by Reds outfielder Nick Castellanos.

Brennaman has since been fired by Fox and is future in broadcasting is up in the air. It is very fair for Fox to fire him. While I believe in second chances and believe that a mistake doesn’t define your character, Brennaman has a very high profile job and should be held to a higher standard. You can’t say something that brings this much national attention to your employer and expect to keep your job. It doesn’t mean he should be buried or never be heard from again, but every action has a consequence.

In the NBA the Milwaukee Bucks and the L.A. Lakers both lost their opening game of the playoffs that had everyone buzzing. Could we see both one-seeds fall in the opening round? Not likely. Their opponents (Orlando Magic and Portland Trail Blazers) have been playing playoff basketball since the bubble began trying to make sure they got a playoff spot. The Lakers and Bucks have been cruising because with no home-field advantage, there was nothing worth playing for. Game one was a warm-up for both of the juggernauts. They will heat up quickly. I would be surprised if these series went past six games. Both still might be over in five.