Border Fuel Podcast: Episode Three- Steve Nash, Milwaukee Bucks and the NFL

The Nets shocked the sports world with the signing of former MVP and Hall of Famer Steve Nash as their new head coach. The signing was so surprising, that it had ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith claiming Nash getting the job was because of “White Privilege.”

What? You’re telling me the Nets only signed Nash because he’s white?

What about his great relationship with Kevin Durant? The work he has done with Golden State player development over the past five seasons? Wouldn’t we have heard from the very vocal Kyrie Irving if he wasn’t a fan of the signing?

All for equality and calling out anyone when it appears that’s not the case, but this is not one of those times. Nash is well liked, knows the game as good as anyone and has the approval of his biggest two stars. What more do you need? To bring race into this is unfair to Nash and is changing the narrative to what should be very excited Net’s fans.

Staying in the NBA, the Lakers lost another opening game to a series and the sky is falling, again. Everyone needs to calm down. This is just like Portland series except the Rockets are much better. The Rockets are coming of a game 7 nail bitter; the Trail Blazers were coming off a play-in game. The Rockets have James Harden and the Trail Blazers have Damien Lilliard. The Lakers had a few extra days off before the Rockets game and they weren’t trying their best during the regular season bubble games. The Lakers will be fine. It might be a little tougher this time because the Rockets are much better. I still believe this series is over in six games. If we get to game seven, Harden’s proved how he plays in those. Laker fans take a deep breath. Your team is still the best.