Border Fuel Podcast: Episode Two – LeBron James, BIG 10 And Respect To All

A very busy week in sports even though some on-field action was postponed/delayed due to protests involving the shooting of Jacob Blake.

The NBA Playoffs were put on hold for two days, many MLB teams postponed games and the NHL did not play for one day. I’m sure a lot of you have very strong opinions on this. I’m not going to try to persuade you either way. All I ask is that you respect everyone and treat people the way you want to be treated. It’s the golden rule for a reason.

While the NBA Playoffs were only postponed a couple of days, there was real concern if they would start back up again at all. One man held all the power on whether or not the playoffs continued, LeBron James. It’s really a testament to how much respect, power, and overall image James has devolved over his 17 seasons. Multiple players were quoted saying that if James wants to play, they would play. If not, then the playoffs would be canceled. That’s a lot of control for one man to have and something we’ve never seen in sports. If there’s any man that can handle it and wants that power, it’s James.

The BIG 10 made headlines this week as just three weeks after saying they wouldn’t be playing football in 2020, they have had a change of heart. Now the BIG 10 is eyeing Thanksgiving as a start time and each team could play anywhere from 8-11 games.

While Thanksgiving is too late to be a part of the College Football Playoff, scheduled for January 11, it does bring in revenue. I think the BIG 10 originally jumped the gun when they decided to cancel the season and thought everyone would follow. When the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 decided to play, the BIG 10 was left looking at their empty wallets and decided to try to play in 2020.

The PAC 12 could make this interesting because if they decide to follow the BIG 10, it could give us a Rose Bowl scenario where the champion of those two conferences plays each other. This shows us once again that money talks and football brings in the most money.