Border Fuel Sports NBA Power Rankings

These are this week’s NBA Power Rankings. All 30 teams will be put in order from best to worst.

1. Lakers

The Lakers are playing great basketball right now winning seven of their last eight games. They have the best player in the league in Lebron James and have and have great bench depth. The Lakers also get Alex Caruso and Anthony Davis back.

2. Jazz

The Jazz is top five in offense and defensive efficacy which is very impressive. The Jazz also holds the best record in the league they are defiantly a team that can compete for a championship this season.

3. 76ers

Joel Embiid is a top-three MVP candidate and is a big reason for the 76ers being number one in the east. The 76ers are defiantly a team to watch out for this season.

4. Clippers

Paul George is having a career year and Kawhi Leonard has also had an impressive season so far. The Clippers are defiantly better than last season and could be a threat to the Lakers or the Jazz in the West. They currently hold the third-best record in the league.

5. Suns

The Suns have won six straight games and have beaten The Bucks, Celtics, and 76ers in that stretch. The addition of Chris Paul seemed to be a great move by the Suns and has been a great point guard alongside All-Star Shooting Guard Devin Booker.

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6. Bucks

The Bucks have been improving as the year has gone on. Jrue Holiday was a huge addition this offseason. They will only continue to get better and having a top-five player in the league in Giannis doesn’t hurt either.

7. Blazers

The Trail Blazers have won six of their last seven games and Melo is a huge reason for their recent success. The Blazers are a top that could jump into the top five if they continue their winning ways.

8. Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are one of the best offensive teams of all time with Kyrie, Harden, and Durant. Their defense has been horrible, and that is why they aren’t in or near the Top in the NBA.

9. Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs have overachieved so far this season being in the top six of the western conference. They are also a very well-coached team.

10. Celtics

The Boston Celtics have a very talented team and are very well-coached. They have had to deal with Covid 19 and injuries throughout the season, and Jayson Tatum had to miss many games because he tested positive for Covid 19. Jaylon Brown is having a great season and could help Boston become a serious contender.

11. Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets have started the season off slow, but they are still a very talented team and still a contender in the West.

12. Pacers

The Pacers are a top-four team in the East and certainly have some great talent. They have gone through a rough stretch recently; however, the Pacers are definitely a team to keep your eye on as the year goes on.

13. Kings

The Kings have a lot of great young talent. They are a team to look out for over the next couple of years to see how their good young guys develop.

14. Pelicans

Have some good pieces with Brandon Ingram and Zion. They have responded well from their coach Stan Van Gundy calling out their lack of effort in a press conference a few days ago.

15. Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are having a good season considering not having Klay Thompson. Steph Curry has led the Warriors all season and has defiantly put himself in the MVP race.

16. Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks have struggled recently but certainly, have a very talented team. They could be a dangerous team if they figure things out.

17. Rockets

The Rockets really miss Christian Wood who is dealing with an ankle injury. The Rockets have been up and down all season.

18. Raptors

The Raptors, like the Rockets, have been up and down all season. They sit at number eight in the East and are defiantly underperforming this season.

19. Hawks

Trae Young and John Collins have been great this season, but the Hawks have struggled as of late. They have lost six of their last seven.

20. Heat

The Miami Heat haven’t looked anything like they did last season in the bubble. Jimmy Butler and Bam have been good for them this season, but they are currently out of the playoffs in the East. They are defiantly underperforming.

21. Thunder

The Thunder are defiantly looking towards the future as they have an insane amount of draft picks over the next few seasons. Shai has been great for them this season but nobody else has really stepped up.

22. Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets have dealt with many injures this season, but Lamelo is looking like the Rookie of The Year this season.

23. Grizzlies

The Grizzlies have defiantly had a rough season so far and Ja Morant hasn’t been as good as he was last season. They also have dealt with injuries this season, but are underperforming this season.

24. Knicks

The New York Knicks started the year looking like a very promising young team. They have struggled as of late and are looking towards the future with some of the young talents on their roster.

25. Bulls

The Bulls have had a rough season, but Zach Lavine has been a bright spot for them this year.

26. Wizards

Bradley Beal is having a career year this season, but the Wizards have been very bad this season.

27. Cavs

The Cavs have a lot of good young talent, and their future is bright. This season they will be in the lottery.

28. Magic

The Orlando Magic are dealing with many injuries to Aaron Gordon, Jonathan Isaac, and Markelle Fultz, which will make it hard for them to go on a winning streak.

29. Pistons

The Detroit Pistons have struggled this season to win games and are one of the worst teams in the league. Blake Griffin is also likely to be traded before the deadline.

30. Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves have a great player in Karl Anthony Towns, who is out with Covid 19. That has made it tough for them to win games this season. It will be interesting to see how Anthony Edwards develops.

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