Border Fuel’s Best Trade Matches For NBA Stars This Offseason

The 2020 NBA free-agent market isn’t expected to feature a ton of star, franchise shifting talent – with Anthony Davis and Brandon Ingram expected to re-sign with their current squads – however, several major options are rumored to be available via trade.

Our experts take their hand to identifying the best potential matches for those trade candidates.

Victor Oladipo to Miami Heat

Indiana fans are likely to have a huge issue with the idea of assisting a frequently encountered opponent, but the return could be ideal for a team that needs to reset and build upon younger, cheaper talent.

Trade Details

  • Miami receives SG Victor Oladipo
  • Indiana receives PG Kendrick Nunn, SG Duncan Robinson, SF Andre Iguodala, picks

The haul of Nunn and Robinson, respectively, would be a huge get for a Pacers team in need of cheap options to fill the rotation. This may not be the only move that Indiana makes this offseason, with Jeremy Lamb, Myles Turner, and others rumored to be on the block, but this move gives the team some flexibility.

For Miami, the addition of Oladipo may be confusing given their connection to Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2021 free agency, but if the 2020 NBA Finals has taught us anything, Jimmy Butler is best paired with shooters around him. Giannis is a generational talent, but his shooting is among the leagues worst from outside at his position, whereas Oladipo gives the team a secondary star who can take the top off and works well without the ball in his hands constantly. His 36.4% postseason 3-point percentage should entice Miami as well.

– Keaton Henry

Buddy Hield to Denver Nuggets

Hield wants out of Sacramento. He has ignored Luke Walton and all his attempts to communicate with him. The Nuggets need an upgrade at the guard position as Gary Harris has taken a step back in recent years, but still proves to be a solid piece for Sacramento, who isn’t a top contender.

Trade Details

  • Denver receives SG Buddy Hield
  • Sacramento receives SG Gary Harris, SF/PF Keita Bates-Diop, 2020 1st Round Pick (via Houston)
Via ClutchPoints

With the Warriors getting healthy this offseason and the dominant play from Murray and Jokic, Hield could come in and create a trio with his shooting ability and solid defensive play. The Western Conference is only getting stronger and deeper, and the Nuggets need to keep up. Adding Hield would be big in keeping them and getting them as a top contender.

– Ryan Blank

Chris Paul to New York Knicks

Recent reports link the Knicks as potential trade partners with the Thunder, who are looking to sell Chris Paul and transition to a rebuild.

Trade Details

  • New York receives PG Chris Paul
  • Oklahoma City receives PF Kevin Knox II, PG Frank Ntilikina, 2020 1st Round Pick (via LA Clippers), 2021 1st Round Pick
Via ClutchPoints

This makes a ton of sense for the Thunder. They offload a bunch of salaries, get a couple of young players, and a couple of draft picks. If the Knicks refuse to include Randle in the trade they could have to send a couple of firsts instead of just one. If so, it’s probably more likely that they give up the Clippers first from this year, but Sam Presti will probably want at least one Knicks draft pick so they also receive the Knicks 2021 first. So that’s why it makes sense for OKC, but why does it make sense for the Knicks?

Well, it doesn’t. Terrible decision-making is what the Knicks are all about though right? They reportedly have an interest in Paul for whatever reason and this is probably the most realistic way that they can get him.

– Shade Piper

Kemba Walker to San Antonio

With Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum taking over the scoring load, the Celtics good move Kemba Walker for an up and coming point guard like Murray. He still needs to improve on his, like his jump shooting and basketball IQ. Murray showed flashes last year of being a floor general and outstanding defensive ability.

Aldrighe could be the missing piece the Celtics need; he can score in the post and shoot from the outside. Aldridge shot 38.9% from three last season. He also averaged 18.9 points and 7.4 rebounds per game. Alridge would give Boston an upgrade in the frontcourt.

Trade Details

  • San Antonio receives PG Kemba Walker, C Enes Kanter
  • Boston receives PG Dejounte Murray, C LaMarcus Aldridge, 2020 1st Round Pick (No. 14)

Walker going to San Antonio would give the Spurs an exciting backcourt with him and DeMar DeRozan. Both players are could mid-range players and can help get the Spurs back in the playoffs.

Kanter would bring rebounding and the ability to score in the post. The Spurs would need that with Aldridge’s loss. Also, with the 14th pick of the draft, San Antonio could get more young talent. The Spurs do good job drafting players, so you could count on them drafting a quality player that can contribute.

– Lamarr Fields

Giannis Antetokounmpo to Golden State

Go big or go home! None of us can predict what the next year entails, but my money is on the unexpected. A little over a year ago the Clippers shocked the world when they signed Kawhi Leonard and traded for Paul George. The Warriors window is closing fast and has no choice but to be in a win-now mode; imagine if Giannis had shooters like Curry and Thompson.

Trade Details 

  • Golden State receives SF Giannis Anteokounmpo
  • Milwaukee receives SF Andrew Wiggins, 2020 1st Round Pick (No. 2)
Via ClutchPoints

He has made his frustrations with the team very apparent. As great as he is and will become, at this point his inability to knock down outside shots could make this trade a little easier to justify. Wiggins’ contract would give them a few years of security and eliminate the risk of Giannis walking away for nothing.

The number two overall pick allows them to draft a future star on a rookie contract. Lamelo Ball is one of the possible prospects. Ball has the ability and willingness to drain outside shots as well as the vision to make any pass. With the second pick, they would have the choice of several possible future superstars. 

-Bryant Porter

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