Border Fuel Game Plan

Border Fuel [redefines] sports media by consistently pressing for the truth behind the story, fearlessly.

Border Fuel is committed to producing top-notch original content, year-round, surrounding the sports that we all know and love. In addition to producing daily sports content, Border Fuel is a leader in creating debate and discussion among the sports fan community.

The mission of Border Fuel is to redefine sports media by constantly pressing for the truth behind the story, fearlessly.

The following is the backbone for Border Fuel, the basis for who we are. This is the Game Plan.

Our Goals

Be Bold

Stand out and don’t be afraid to push the envelope.

Be Unique

The best content creators will find ways to stand apart from the rest. Don’t hesitate to be different.

Feature The Facts

Maintain truth, support facts with reliable sources, and establish the foundation of your content every time.

Find The Truth

Reach for a higher level of understanding. Pushing the envelope means that you should never fall into a “he said, she said” report.

Form & Keep Consistency

Consistency is the basis for return visits from sports fans. Maintaining consistency is how we complete the following.

Build The Culture

The Border Fuel culture is one built on Truth and Fearlessness, both of which mean nothing if consistency falls short.

The Brand

The Border Fuel logo symbolizes that our true brand lies within the content that we produce and the team that creates it. As a member of the Border Fuel team, you define the Border Fuel brand in everything you do as a sports fan and a content creator.

Our Roles


Editors serve as the final line of defense to ensure the quality of Border Fuel’s original content and work diligently to ensure that quality is key.


Columnists are the true foundation of Border Fuel and push to create the most interesting and thought provoking sports content available.

Social Media Interns

Social Media is king when it comes to getting views, comments, and discussion. Our team’s Social Media staff carries a big part of the future of Border Fuel.

Style & Quality

Border Fuel uses Associated Press style writing procedures and techniques. Here is a link to more info regarding the AP’s style.

Any questions regarding Border Fuel’s style & quality procedures should be directed to the Director of Operations or a member of the editorial team.

How-To: Article Posting –

How-To: Podcasting –

How-To: Social Media Team –

Thank you for viewing the Border Fuel Game Plan and welcome to the future of sports content.