Bring Chandler Jones Home, Bill

Bring Chandler Jones Home, Bill

Tom Brady may have led the Patriots to evolve into the most dominant dynasties in sports history. However, he could not have done it with the once dubbed “Boogeymen” on the other side of the ball, like Ty Law, Willie McGinest, and Tedy Bruschi anchor some of the best defenses to step on the gridiron. 

Belichick finished with his lowest win total in 2020 since 2000, finishing 7-9 behind a former MVP who has seen better days. So how does he plan to turn the ship around this season? 

The Patriots broke the record for the most guaranteed money to newly signed free agents in the Super Bowl era. In addition, Belichick upgraded his defense by inking EDGE Matt Judon, then drafting Christian Baramore significantly lower than his expected draft position. 

Well done, coach. However, recent news out of the desert state has sparked quite an idea in my insane brain. 

The Patriots should consider reaching out to the Cardinals for Chandler Jones. I understand it most likely simply be a dream, but it’s realistic. The Patriots can sacrifice the draft capital; the Cardinals need to prepare for a potential rebuild. 

Why should the Patriots trade for Chandler Jones?

Chandler Jones has developed into one of the NFL’s elite EDGE rushers, leading the league in sacks in 2017. He has an incredible ability to sneak by defenders and up on quarterbacks when they least expect it.

It seems as if Jones has rented space inside the pocket during his stint with the Cardinals. He averages 10.6 sacks per season; the Patriots had traded all of their sack leaders since 2016 when the Pats traded him. Also, the most sacks by a Patriot have been seven. 

Judon helps the defense, but Jones brings it to the next level. It’s challenging to start negotiations, so here’s an ice breaker of a proposal: 

Patriots receive:

  • Chandler Jones 

Cardinals receive: 

  • N’Keal Harry
  • 2022 2nd round pick
  • 2022 6th round pick
  • 2023 3rd round pick

This is not the best offer, but it’s a start. Unfortunately, I’m not a general manager. 

Should the Cardinals trade Jones?

The Cardinals cannot afford to trade Jones, especially this season. The news is even more shocking since they signed JJ Watt at the beginning of the offseason. Without playing a single down, they became the most feared pass-rushing duo in the league. 

Jones’s request comes down to one word, money. Jones wants more money due to the amount the Cardinals dished out this offseason. He believes that he should be paid a bit more for his record-breaking play every season since being traded in 2016. 

Jones needs to remain a Cardinal. He and JJ Watt give the defense an advantage on the line. Also, he can stay and mentor Isaiah Simmons into being one of the league’s top defenders. If they let Jones seek a trade, it would be as insane as the Packers pushing Rodgers out the door by the day. 

Defense wins championships. It is the oldest phrase in football. Teams with the highest-scoring offense lose almost every time in Super Bowls; the defense makes adjustments and executes them. Jones has experience in being part of a Super Bowl-winning team; I do not know if many Cardinals players or coaches could say the same. So give Jones what he wants; you’ll thank me later. 

If not, call up New England and bring him home. The prodigal son returning home gives the Patriots a much-needed upgrade to be back as Super Bowl contenders. Those are the only two options for solving this issue.

Pat Pitts

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