Brock Lesnar: How Will The WWE Use The Beast?

Brock Lesnar: How Will The WWE Use The Beast?

Over the weekend professional wrestling garnered all the attention. On Friday, CM Punk made an electric appearance during AEW’s, “Rampage,” episode in Chicago, Illinois. It also happened to be the same night John Cena and Roman Reigns stood face to face before their epic Summerslam main event clash.

Then, the following Saturday and Sunday, Summerslam and NXT takeover 36 were finally held. It was a three-night stretch where epic championship clashes took place, storylines were further cemented, and returns were made. Now, arguably none of these moments were any bigger than the return of, “The beast incarnate,” himself Brock Lesnar.


After the conclusion of the Universal Championship match between Cena and Reigns, Lesnar’s music popped off which led to a long stroll to the ring. Now face to face in the middle of the ring, Reigns backed away as if to indicate a desire to live to fight another day. But, why would he want to? And, why would Lesnar want Roman?

I could see a Paul Heyman angle which would make sense. I could see the typical, “heavyweight clash,” approach between two legends of the business which would also make sense. But, Reigns’ list of opponents is already lengthy.

So, Why Roman?

He just took down one of if not the greatest of all time in Cena. And Edge before him. Then Daniel Bryan before him. And with other names like Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and even Jey Uso falling to the tribal Chief with Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Big E also in the picture, it’s safe to say he has his hands full. That’s why a return to another show return would’ve made much more sense.

Would Raw Be Better?

Because let’s face it, Bobby Lashley as it stands right now has no competition. I mean you could say Keith Lee, but WWE has already buried him before with this whole Kross storyline. Then again, even Kross would be a great idea with him losing the NXT Championship to Samoa Joe last night during Takeover 36; but, that’s it. Orton’s a tag champion now in RKBro, McIntyre still can’t challenge Lashley, so why not bring Lesnar to Raw to beef up that title picture?

Look, I get it that it’s one big story. I really do. That’s why the WWE may very well have everything under control especially with the draft coming up. So, we’ll just have to wait and see, but for now, keep your eyes glued on this feud between Lesnar and Reigns.

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