Buckle Up NBA Fans; It’s About To Get Crazy

June 21, 2021

So, for starters, we’re entering the best part of the NBA season, beginning tomorrow night on ESPN. It’s finally down to the final four teams to see who’s going to be crowned the world champion of the 2021 NBA season. Now, at the beginning when this all started, no one thought they’d get this far due to COVID, NBA scheduling, and other global issues, but now that it’s here, NBA fans wouldn’t want it any other way.

In the Western Conference, you have two teams vying for the first title in the franchise’s history; meanwhile, in the East, you have two teams looking to end title droughts that have extended from 1958 and 1971, respectfully. Also, this is actually the first time since ’94 that the conference finals won’t feature either number one seeds with Nate McMillan looking to become the third coach ever to take his team to the finals after joining them midseason. And, if you think that’s crazy, just wait until the offseason.

Look at the coaching availabilities around the league. You have openings to be able to coach veteran superstars like Dame and Beal to the new generation of superstars like Zion, Luka, and Sabonis. Now, those jobs may not be as appealing anymore due to some reported unhappiness, but then again, that’ll just add another layer to this intriguing offseason.

There also might be some major roster shakeup as well. Superstars Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul have pending player options for the upcoming season, and many expect the outcome of the Western Conference finals to affect the decision of one of the two. Besides them, you have former All-stars in DeRozan and Oladipo, solid vets in Conley and Lowry, and young promising talents such as Oubre Jr. and Otto Porter Jr., who all can take a team from pretender to contender once signed.

NBA fans should be rejoicing right now. Honestly, seeing different teams trying to get to the finals with different players is such a breath of fresh air. No offense to Lebron, KD, AD, Curry, etc. It’s nice to see Book, Trae Young, and Giannis attempt to get their first ring. And once it’s wrapped up, the craziness will begin.

A title drought will come to an end, coaching vacancies will be filled day by day surrounded by questions on how they’ll approach and coach their new superstar, and bloggers like myself will have Twitter refreshed daily to see the signings of the day.

Who will coach who? Will Brooklynn continue to add firepower at all costs, and will there be more moves made heading into next season that we can’t quite see yet? Looking towards you Philly.

Oh yeah, this is about to be fun.