Buffalo Bills Versus Kansas City Chiefs: Sunday Night Football

Buffalo Bills Versus Kansas City Chiefs: Sunday Night Football

To say this game has a “Big Fight” feel is a vast understatement. A lot is on the line for both teams, and therefore, each fan base has more significant reasons to root even harder for their teams. The words “must-win” are often thrown around, but it is needed in Sunday night’s game. So, let’s talk about the Buffalo Bills vs. the Kansas City Chiefs under the bright lights of Sunday Night Football.

Buffalo Bills

This is a “must-win” game for the Bills in a couple of ways. Firstly, to finally take down Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, to get that monkey off their back. The Chiefs have owned the Bills since Mahomes has taken the helm, and to get a win at Arrowhead would be a massive shot for them and stay atop the AFC and prove that they are a powerhouse and a solid Superbowl contender.

Josh Allen

Secondly, for QB1 Josh Allen. Allen has been compared to Mahomes since Allen was drafted in 2018. So, a win would bring him to the Mahomes level at the QB position in many eyes. Even though Allen is a great quarterback, some sell him short because of what Mahomes has done in football in such a short time. So to go into Mahomes’ house, have a “Josh Allen” great game, and beat the Chiefs, would settle that argument and put Allen on Mahomes’ level in the excellent quarterback talk.

Bills’ Defense

Depending on who you listen to, it could sway your opinion on the Bills’ D. Yes. They have blanked two teams in the first four games of this young NFL season, Houston and Miami, so some would think the defense is stout. But, many are saying they are unproven, that Miami and Houston’s offenses are lacking. So to go into a hostile environment and handle the potent Kansas City Offense. The statement would be made that the Bills’ Defense is solid and a true force.

However, the defense will have to decide which they wish to stop, the potent passing game or the resurging running attack. Last year, Clyde Edwards-Helaire ran all over the Bills’ D. But, the defense seems to be much better in all aspects. So, we shall see.

Kansas City Chiefs

“Must-Win” can be said for different reasons for the Chiefs. The main reason is to turn this season around and show us they can play as a team and return to their former glory. I mean, let’s face it, since Superbowl LV, the questions have been there. Taking nothing away from what they have accomplished, but as for fans and team respect, it’s always what have you done for me lately.


To keep pace in the AFC, as well as the AFC West. As Chiefs’ fans, we are not used to seeing our team at the bottom of the division since Andy Ried has become HC. And, I’m not too fond of it. Plus, with losing to the Chargers, the Chiefs will have to win all divisional games to have a slim chance at winning the division. If the regular season ended right now, KC wouldn’t even be in the playoffs. I know it’s only been four games, but I wouldn’t say I like that thought at all.

Patrick Mahomes II

Anytime a star player signs a significant deal, everyone questions the upcoming year. “Was he worth that money?” From what Mahomes did to get that deal and the short time he did it, my answer is always “YES”! But you always have the naysayers questioning because of the interceptions he has thrown thus far in the young season. I have even read a few that state because the running is picking back up, that proves he wasn’t worth it. It just makes me shake my head. There is no doubt Mahomes is worth every penny he is earning. So, let’s chalk it up to “Haters gonna Hate!”

Chiefs’ Defense

Let’s face it. This game is going to be up to the Chiefs’ Offense. However, if the defense could come together and make the Bills at least kick a few field goals, not to mention maybe even a punt or two. That would go a long way to turning the team around entirely and setting a tone for the rest of the season.

My Thoughts:

This game is going to be an offensive battle. Two potent, high-flying offenses are duking it out in primetime. It makes me excited just writing about it. I feel the Chiefs’ offense is going to be too much for the Bills Defense. QB1 and company will find ways to get the ball to their playmakers. Kelce has a return game. Josh Gordon gets involved. I feel the Bills will try to stop the run game, opening up the pass, maybe not the over-the-top deep, but enough to move the sticks and find the endzone.

Don’t get me wrong, the Bills will be in the game, and if the turnovers happen for KC, they can win. But I feel the Chiefs’ D will limp along and do just enough to give the offense the chance to take over and do what they do.

Chiefs 45 – Bills 37, and Chiefs’ fans will sleep easier Sunday Night!

*all info from NFL.com and Espn.com

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