Cam Newton Will Be The Top Off-Season Quarterback Acquisition

As many as 15 NFL teams may be looking to upgrade their starting Quarterback for the 2021 regular season. With plenty of chatter around a possible DeShaun Watson trade, one player that is being overlooked is former NFL MVP, Cam Newton.

During an appearance on Brandon Marshalls, “I Am Athlete”, Newton stated with conviction that there are “not 32 Quarterbacks better than him”. Not only do I agree with that statement, but I would also double-down and say that Cam is the eighth-best Quarterback in the league.

Quarterbacks better than Cam

** Patrick Mahomes

** Aaron Rodgers

** Tom Brady

** Russell Wilson

** Ben Roethlisberger

** DeShaun Watson

** Lamar Jackson

Every Quarterback not listed can be upgraded to Cam Newton, at far less than the going rate of a competent Quarterback. For argument’s sake, let’s say that Newton could be had for $10 million a year. Would a 3 year 30 million dollar, with a $20 million guarantee, hamstring an organization? It is far more fiscally responsible and doesn’t deprive a GM of its precious draft capital to build a contending team.

The Newton Effect

Newton’s availability as a low cost-free agent would catapult four teams into automatic playoff qualifiers:

** San Francisco 49ers

** Washington Football Team

** Denver Broncos

** New Orleans Saints (assuming Drew Brees retires)

four more into playoff contention:

** Las Vegas Raiders

** Chicago Bears

** Miami Dolphins

** Dallas Cowboys

Things to consider

Before we dismiss Cam because of the record of the Patriots this past season, remember Tom Brady couldn’t pack his bags fast enough in Free Agency. The lack of wide receivers, tight ends, a suspect offensive line, and an average defense, were just some of the challenges. Newton also had to overcome a season where his durability would be questioned, returning from several injuries, about of covid-19 in season, and learning a complex new system simultaneously. Newton did all this for a very minimal salary.

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Cam has proven to be durable physically and mentally tough. He is a valuable asset for a team a Quarterback away from serious Super Bowl contention.

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