Can Bobby Witt Jr. Make The Royals Opening Day Roster?

With Spring Training in full effect. Many experts and fans alike are asking the same question. Can Bobby Witt Jr. make the Royals Opening Day roster? Sure he can! Anything is possible in the world of sports. However, will he is the better question. Let’s dive a little deeper and see what we can find out:



Firstly, Spring Training is what it is. We all know how it works. With that being said, Witt’s Spring Training at the plate has been nothing short of amazing. Since being taken at the No. 2 overall spot in the 2019 Draft, Witt has played in 14 spring games, 32 at-bats, 11 runs, 11 hits, three home runs, eight runs batted in. Giving him a batting average of .344 and an on-base percentage of .417 through the 2020 and 2021 spring seasons.


Subsequently, his fielding has been just as impressive. For the 2021 spring season at second base, five games, seven putouts, seven assists, zero errors, and two double plays, giving him a 1.000% fielding average. At shortstop, four games, two putouts, a single assist, with one error and zero double plays, dropping his fielding average to .750%. Certainly as impressive as his batting stats.

Spring Training games are so hard to judge a player. There are always questions: Who is in the opposing lineup that day? But Witt seems to be doing very well handling whoever he is facing on either side of the ball.


With the stat sheets speaking for themselves. The Royals want to bring Witt up when he is ready to be a permanent part of the team. Right now, the Royals don’t have a real reason to rush Witt, barring injuries, of course. Adalberto Mondesi starts at shortstop, and Nicky Lopez seems to have the club’s confidence at second base, with Hanser Alberto waiting to fill in if needed.

It seems the club is happy just to let Witt rack up the spring training stats, continue to see major league pitchers as the early games go by.

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Bobby Witt Jr.

Of course, every pro-athlete wants to be in the big leagues. It’s why they play. However, Witt seems contented sharping and honing his skills in the minors and spring training. Facing whoever is thrown at him in that day’s lineup. Preparing for the day when he joins the 40-man roster. That doesn’t mean he’s not anxious about his debut. His day is getting closer. He will have to remain patient and always ready.


In short, Can Witt make the Royals opening day roster for the 2021 seasons? There’s little doubt that he can; once again, the stats say a lot. However, will he? Probably not. At a very young 20 years old, the Royals seem to want him to mature while getting more playing time in the big league camps. That is not saying he might be brought up at a later time this season. But there really doesn’t seem to be a reason to rush it. The Royals are keeping a close eye on their top prospect, and as soon as they all agree he is ready, it will be his time to shine.

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