Can The Lakers Add A Third Star? If So, Who Fits?

The Lakers are only a week removed from winning a championship down in the bubble in Orlando. However, they are already looking forward to next year and how they can improve this team to be back in the same position. It’s no secret that LeBron and Anthony Davis are the best duo in the league, adding a third star would most likely make this team unstoppable. Three people come to mind when thinking of who the third star could be and all of them are pretty different players in terms of what they provide for the team.

Bradley Beal is a player who’s been linked to the Lakers for a while now and adding him would certainly put fear in teams all around the league. He currently plays for the Washington Wizards with star John Wall who hasn’t stepped on the court for about two years now. We have heard him say that he wants to be a Wizard for life, but we know how often those changes in pro sports, especially in a player-driven league like the NBA.

He recently purchased a home in Los Angeles as well, although, with the money these players have, I’m sure the majority of them have houses there. He averaged over 30 points a game last season which is something neither LeBron nor Davis could do last year, despite how dominant they were. Adding him would give you about 73-75 points a game between the three of them and that would be something the league would find impossible to stop.

Another player I would like to see the Lakers go after is Kevin Love. He won a championship with LeBron in 2016 when they played for Cleveland; moreover, he is one of the best rebounders in the game and can consistently hit threes, something that the Lakers would struggle with at times last year. With the chemistry he has already with LeBron, this could be a deadly three-star lineup.

The one negative however that could come from this move is moving AD to the 5 from the 4 spot; he played the majority of this season. He could easily make this adjustment but at the end of the day, the Lakers want AD where he is the most comfortable.

The last player that could be the third star on this team would be Chris Paul. He and LeBron have been very good friends for a while now, yet they haven’t teamed up before. To be honest, I’m not sure how this would work because of his playstyle and also his contract situation, but you could say that is the case with all of these moves.

The one thing you have to remember as a Lakers fan is you can’t have both, and when I say that it means this: you can’t have three all-stars in the lineup and have the same amount of depth that you did last year. It just simply doesn’t work like that; adding any of these stars I just mentioned, or any other star, will take up a very large majority of the cap space on this team, so the signing may seem unlikely.

My gut feeling is that the Lakers will add more depth pieces to the team that will put them in the same position as last year. It may not be the same pieces as last year, but a similar approach should be enough with the amount of dominance LeBron and AD can put into the lineup. It will be very interesting to see what this team does in the very rare winter free agency period!