Cole Van Lanen: Green Bay Packers Scouting Report

Cole Van Lanen-OL-Wisconsin

6’4 1/4th, 305lbs

RAS: 8.49 OT/9.45 OG


A two-year starter at left tackle for Wisconsin. He plays to the whistle. He has also done some pulling at Wisconsin, and looked good doing it. He comes out of his stance nice and low when run blocking. When he is run blocking, he is aggressive and likes to put his defender on the ground.

When he encounters a speed rush, he does a decent job of pushing his man past the QB when he gets his hands on him. He looks good going forward, and attacking his man in the run game and engaging him. When he gets to the second level, he really likes just burying guys.

He did show some improvement in his pass sets in 2020. When facing bull rushers, he does a good job of holding up at the point. Once he locks on to a defender, he holds up pretty well. He recognizes stunts well and is always looking to help his linemates if he can.


Van Lanen will lean his upper body too far over his feet sometimes, throwing off his balance and causing him to end up on the turf. The former Badger on film shows only average strength and athleticism. In pass pro, he can open his hips too soon and end up letting the defender beat him around the edge.

He has more trouble with quicker edge rushers. Van Lanen could do a better job of bending at the knees. Also, his stance tips the play whether it be run or pass. His agility/foot quickness is a bit of a hindrance in pass pro. Van Lanen looks to also have some hip stiffness.

Final Thoughts:

Off his film, he will have to move to guard. He does not show the required athleticism to play on the outside in the NFL. He tested really well, but that does not show up on the film. He has some technical things to clean up. If he gets lower in his stance and bends at the knees more, that will give him more pop and help him get under defenders pads better. That would also help with his anchor.

Van Lanen needs to do a better job of keeping his balance, which will keep him upright more often and able to have a positive effect on the play. Also, because his agility is subpar to average, he’s really going to have to make sure his technique is on point. At guard, it won’t be as exposed on the outside, but it will be something he has to be cognoscente of.

His stance needs to look the same every snap, otherwise, he will end up tipping the play to the defense. If he works on those things and turns some fat into muscle, he could develop into a decent starting guard. Think of a similar level to Lucas Patrick; minus the versatility. More than likely, he will end up as a decent backup that can play both guard spots. For a sixth rounder, that’s ok.