Could Deshaun Watson Usher In A New Era In Washington?

Could Deshaun Watson Usher In A New Era In Washington?

When one door closes, another one opens

That phrase helped me during some tough times in my life. It may be a cliche, but there is some truth to it. Unfortunately, it happens every year in the NFL. So many players close the door on their team while another team holds the door for them. Currently, doors have swung open across the league for one player. 

The Houston Texans announced Monday that they would be interested in hearing trades for 2020’s passing champion, Deshaun Watson. Watson requested a trade at the beginning of the offseason, but as the rest of the offseason news settled, so did the hype surrounding Watson. 

The Texans sparked the conversation back with their official placement of Deshaun Watson on the trade block. NFL fans and analysts bring up teams such as the Broncos, the Dolphins, and the alleged front runner for the QB, the Eagles. These three teams are great landing spots, but there’s one team that could use a guy like Watson to lead them into a new era. 

The Football Team should inquire about a potential trade for Deshaun Watson. I know Ryan Fitzpatrick just signed a one-year deal a few months ago, but there’s not a lot of magic left in his tank. Deshaun Watson puts the offense into another gear with his dual-threat ability. It sounds outlandish, but Deshaun Watson needs to be the starting quarterback for the Football Team. 

How would Watson fit in Rivera’s offense?

Ask ten NFL fans who led the league in passing yards in 2020. Two people MIGHT say Watson, while the others say, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. He threw for 4823 yards last season; Brandin Cooks led in targets, catches, and receiving yards. 

Watson did not have three Brandin Cooks as options. Will Fuller saw 75 targets and scored eight times, but the third-best receiver saw over 25 fewer targets than Fuller. David Johnson failed to reach his expectation of being a dual-threat back who could establish the run. 

It is a completely different scenario in the nation’s capital. During the offseason, the Football Team signed Curtis Samuel to pair with star pass-catcher Terry McLaurin, who reached 1K receiving yards for the first time a season ago. These two receivers alone are an immediate upgrade from what Watson has in Houston. 

Watson can move the ball on the ground, too. He will scramble in the pocket if he senses pressure until he launches the ball or himself toward the first down the line. Gibson provides security as a ball carrier Watson has not experienced before. The two have the ability to utilize some designed run plays, even some including Samuel, to get by opposing defenses. He brings a new feeling to D.C that has not been felt in a very long time. 

Could Watson be the Guardian of an evolving franchise?

There will be a change in 2021. Washington continues to enhance their franchise day by day, even causing another team to follow in their footsteps. 

The Cleveland Indians announced that they would be changing their name from “Indians” to “Guardians” due to the insensitive nature of the team’s name. The Football Team has yet to decide on a new name. They should not follow suit and go by the Guardians. Instead, they should choose a name that stands out and represents/acts as a city symbol. 

They can take their time on choosing a name; Football Team has started to have a nice ring to it. 

When they decide to choose a new name, they need to have a leader of that team. So the Football Team needs their franchise player. Luckily for them, he is only a phone call away. 

Deshaun Watson needs to leave Houston. It has turned into a messy breakup that has spread all over social media. Dirty laundry has been exposed; relationships have been tarnished. Watson deserves a shot playing with a new team, but most importantly, a well-respected head coach. Ron Rivera can win with Watson. The decision to make an offer seems like a no-brainer. Some might say it’s elementary.

Pat Pitts

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