Cowboys’ Winless Preseason Will Carry Into Week One

Cowboys’ Winless Preseason Will Carry Into Week One

The Dallas Cowboys had a rather disappointing preseason as they ended winless. Luckily for the ‘Boys, none of those games count! Another positive is that the Cowboys were one of the few teams that got to play four preseason games. Four preseason games used to be normal before the addition of a Week 17 in the regular season.

Point is that Dallas got an extra game to flesh out their roster and prep for the regular season. However, the Cowboys could not manage a win despite an extra game. That being said, Dallas has a week one trip to Tampa Bay to face the defending champion Buccaneers. Do the Cowboys carry the winless preseason into week one? Let’s check it out.

Yes, They Lose Week One

Unfortunately for Dallas, they are coming into week one with quite a few players looking to bounce back from injuries. Dak Prescott is the most important one back, I do not think Dallas will be up to full speed in week one. Dak will need to get back in the swing of things, the offensive line will also need more time to get back to speed, just far too many guys that need time. Tampa also features a scary good defense and if Dallas is still trying to gain its footing, the Tampa defense is going to have a good afternoon.

Let’s not forget that the GOAT Tom Brady is still around and he will be ready to go week one. Tampa has reemerged as a serious contender in the NFL, at least until Brady leaves and that is bad news for Dallas. The only way Tampa loses is if Tom Brady gets hurt and their defense gives up more than 20 points. Dallas should begin looking forward to week two by now.

No, They Win Week One

On the flip side, getting your star quarterback healthy again along side many others, can be a huge motivator. Dallas did not win in the preseason but that can mean little to nothing in the regular season. The Cowboys could easily come out and beat Tampa if they manage to shut down Brady. If they can keep the GOAT at bay, then Dak and the boys need to step up and have a huge game. If anything, Dallas should learn from their winless preseason and capitalize on that to have a good week one. The roster cutdown period is ending and Dallas should be ready to go in week one.

Final Thoughts

Even as a die hard Cowboys fan, I feel like I know when a matchup is too much. The Cowboys will definitely need a week or two to get back to full speed. However, I think the week one matchup with Tampa will be a good spark for the rest of the season. Dallas has some work to do if they want to beat Tampa but I think that it will be too much to handle. A week one win for Tampa won’t come easy but Dallas is not ready.

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