Dallas Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Will Be NFL Defensive ROY Because Of Dan Quinn

And if he is, Jerry Jones will get the credit. And he should.

But let’s face it, Jerry Jones has screwed the Dallas Cowboys for the last 26 years.

Two people have so much in common in making Jerry look genius again – Jimmy Johnson and Micah Parsons.  In the last two-and-a-half decades, I challenge the legion of Dallas fans to say since 1995, they have been happy with at least one of those seasons. They can’t.

Johnson makes Jerry look like Sheev Palpatine (Google nerdy shameless analogy). An emperor of a galaxy that falls due to his own shortcomings of power starving a universe known as the Cowboys. Parsons can make Jones look semi-Godly again in Dallas heaven as did Jimmy Johnson did at one time.

The Cowboys are all or nothing.

In the galaxy of the Dallas Cowboys, there is no such thing as almost. It’s not about one title is about legendary numbers like the New England Patriots have. Roles should be reversed between the Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys. With the colossal nation that is the Cowboys, the larger-than-life owner, and the global support this organization has, this team should be the perfect storm of sports.  

Even when it comes to the draft. No other team is scrutinized moreover every single pick. For all the horrible draft grades the Dallas Cowboys have received in this year’s 2021 NFL Draft, there is one fact that remains – Jerry World did not screw up this off-season. Well, at least not until the second thru seventh rounds.

You can look at it two ways, so go with me on this. Metaphorically, this year, Jones got two first-round picks by hiring his new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and then getting his 12th overall pick in linebacker/edge rusher Micah Parson from Penn State.  Or secondly, by hiring Quinn to become the coach of Micah Parsons, he just got the Cowboys the overall number one talent, NFL Defensive Rookie of the year, and the defense to finally win in the postseason.

This past off-season, there were two decisions the owner, general manager, personal director, janitor, lunch lady, Jerry Jones has made. Decisions that could quickly get the Cowboys out of the most over-rated-professional-sports-organization-on-the-planet status right away. And those decisions are Quinn and Parsons.

Besides Johnson, Quinn is the best hire in 17 years by Jones

Quinn is without challenge one of the best defensive minds in the game of football. Great hire by Jones. Jones also may have made the best pick in the last 20-plus years in Parsons. As a specialist with defensive ends and linebackers, he excellent at adaptation. During his last year’s first eight-game mark with the Atlanta Falcons, his defense started badly; very bad. No. 32 in third-down completion percentage, total takeaways, and Red Zone touchdown percentage. He was not a defensive coordinator but he was the head coach so it falls on him.

During the bye week, he made some coaching changes after week eight, released some coaches of their duties, and in essence took over the defense. After that change and evaluation, the Falcons went from 31 in third-down conversion percentage to first in the league. Everything else moved to fifth overall.

However, the fact remains, ever since Jimmy Johnson left in what seems like a hundred years ago, OZ himself Jerry Jones, has screwed the pooch year-in-and-year-out in the draft. Heck, not only the draft but coaching and overall personnel decisions. However, the almighty himself Jerry probably made the best defensive pick they have made since the Johnson days.

This year’s draft of Parsons is important. Micah was part of the two biggest legitimate first-round draft steals in the last two years. One has panned out last year in Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert and two, Parsons has a strong chance to be favored as a defensive ROY leader before the season even starts.

Parsons will be one the top two steals in draft since Russell Wilson

Here is why Parsons has a chance to be the defensive Rookie of the Year in the 2021-22 season and it’s all about the numbers: 4.39 40, 6-3, 246. But some numbers made it questionable for Parsons. Less than stellar bench press reps for a linebacker (225lbs x 19 reps) and 34-inch vertical.

Maybe it was those numbers that possibly scared other NFL teams from pulling the trigger on Parsons in the first 10 picks. More realistically, it was more than likely need.

Parsons will start come week one in the league and here’s why. Parsons’s strengths as a linebacker are chameleon-like. He can play the edge, he can play Mac and or Mike. With his speed, he can also play a Sam spot. His motor and push up-field is the strongest in the 2021 draft and his anger at contact is very real.

Where he will play is yet to be seen. But, the bad word on Parson was his work ethic. Like every player drafted in the league, that potential issue always shows in the second and third years. So, we will never know for a little while how mentally strong Parsons is.

But there is one reason why Micah Parsons will be defensive ROY – Dan Quinn.

Parsons will be coached by the best defensive coach in the business. Quinn will be the main reason that Parson’s is the defensive ROY. The other reason is those numbers.

What will keep him away from that award besides injury is the worst General Manager in the league in Jones and the head coach Mike McCarthy.

But if Parsons is the best defensive rookie in the league, credit goes to one man and one man only – Jerry Jones.