Dallas Cowboys: Time To Run The NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: Time To Run The NFC East

The Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, Dak Prescott, contract drama, and much more. All of these things come with the image of America’s team. The Cowboys in their long NFL history, have won 23 NFC East titles with the most recent being in 2018. That being said, Dallas is no stranger to the NFC East title as they have won three of the last seven division titles. Last season, Dallas struggled most of the year with injuries and their defense was putrid overall. As the Cowboys look ahead to the 2021 season, their chance to reclaim the East is now. So, how on earth will Dallas do this? Let’s check it out.

1.) Healthy Players

The 2020 season for Dallas was easily one of the most injury-filled seasons in recent memory. Dak Prescott, the captain of the ship, was the worst injury of them all. Now, Dak is back to health and one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL thanks to Jerry Jones’s wallet. Dallas also missed most of their offensive line in 2020 and they are one of the huge pieces to this team as well. So where am I going with all of this?

The facts are that the Cowboys are far better when their starters are healthy. With Dak at the helm, a healthy offensive line and converted third downs, the Cowboys can compete with anyone. Now, did Andy Dalton do better than most thought? Absolutely. Andy Dalton had the Cowboys in division title contention despite being below .500 on the season. However, this is Dak’s team now and a healthy Dak team should easily win this division in 2021.

2.) Improved Defense

The Dallas Cowboys’ biggest issue last season, besides injuries, was their putrid defense. The Cowboys defense was ranked 28th out of 32 last season, awful. They simply could not stop any part of an offense from scoring or driving. Going into the draft night, I think everyone in Cowboys nation knew it would be a defense-heavy draft. Dallas did just that by drafting defense with eight of their ten picks. While it is still too early to tell how well the rookies will perform, any help is good.

If the new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn can get the defense into shape, Dallas will be scary good. The offense already has the pieces and now maybe the defense does too. Keep an eye on the Dallas defense to be the difference in whether or not the Cowboys truly run the NFC East.

3.) Better Team Chemistry

It is hard to deny that the Cowboys had far too many new faces last year that had no chemistry. New coaches, players, systems, just far too much to not have any training camp. With a year under their belt and still a few new faces, this Cowboys roster will have more chemistry. I think Dallas has the right pieces and formula to have an all-around great team this year. The chemistry a team has after even one year together can be the difference between going 7-9 one year and winning a Super Bowl the next.

Final Thoughts

This Cowboys team has gone through quite a bit in the last year. From big contracts being signed to players getting healthy again, it has been one heck of an offseason so far. Only time will tell what direction this Cowboys team will go in. However, they have all the right pieces to make a serious run this year and win the division.

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